What to do with turkey leftovers (recipes) #writingcommunity #writerslift
The most important topic of 1,000 years ago

October 2022

When you've had enough of automation

September 2022

A royal pain in the ...
A very important question for parents of adult children

August 2022

The zombie apocalypse has already begun
This past year, my family has had the worst luck with cars. We’ve been in three car accidents (longtime readers may remember my daughter’s large…

July 2022

Poison ivy and jewelweed are sitting in a tree
Singed eyebrows and eyelashes might be common in the summer

June 2022

Summer means lots of zukes! Throw them on the barbi and whip up some of these grilled zucchini recipes.
Every vacation should include a visit to somewhere haunted like the Seaside Sanatorium in Waterford, CT.

May 2022

Because everything is somewhere.