The Dangers of Gas Grill Explosions: Don't Blow Yourself Up

Blowing Yourself Up

My eyebrows are singed
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Last year, my husband went away on a golf trip. I needed to use the grill, but I couldn’t get it lit. He told me to light something or another, which I did. Except I lit the wrong thing. And I ended up blowing myself up.

Gas grill explosions are more common than you might think, which can cause serious injuries and even death. Don't let a gas grill explosion ruin your summer cookout. Protect yourself by letting someone else light the gas grill for you.
MidJourney prompt: commercial photograph of a grill blowing up, on black isolated plain, –ar 9:16

Truly, that’s about the extent of the story. I can’t light a grill worth my weight in charcoal.*

Anyway, I was blown backward with several singed eyelashes and eyebrows, but otherwise not hurt. My neighbor ended up rescuing me, and when I say rescue, I meant he lit the grill for me so I could have dinner.

The last newsletter about grilling zucchini got me thinking about this blowing up event.** I thought perhaps it would be time to learn how to light a grill. In case I needed to make zucchini whilst my husband is away on another golf trip. (It’s an annual trip. I may just have Chinese takeout all week. My absolute favorite Chinese food restaurant is reopening just in time!)

God did not endow me with natural grilling skills. So, this year, I shall do what every other red-blooded American person does. I will look it up on the internet. Because the internet is never, ever wrong.

Enter Google, or more specifically, Youtube. For some ungodly reason, millions of otherwise sane individuals use their cell phones or other inexpensive camera paraphernalia and record themselves doing things.

*** And people like me, who cannot light a match to a grill, here’s a YT vid for ya:

Youtubers have sparked an entire slew of DIY videos, which, in turn, has sparked an entire slew of entire shows dedicated to flipping houses. Which, in my humble opinion, begs the most important internet question of all.

Where did all the cute kitty videos go?

* I guess technically propane, which weighs 4.11 pounds per gallon. I’ll leave the math to you.

** Please don’t blow yourself up in the making of any zukes.

*** Sometimes nothing.

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In writing news, I started a crime/partial legal thriller novellette, featuring a character named Derrick Hunt. I started a novel with Derrick and Annie Totter, but I put it aside to finish Girl Scorned. The Hunt books will be a series that I will eventually publish on the Kindle Unlimited … so stay tuned! Readers of the newsletter will get this one for free!

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