20 Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

20 Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Give your man something DIY
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Here’s a list of non-lame homemade Valentine’s Day gifts for him that I came up with. I hate giving my husband gifts for Valentine’s Day because either I spend a lot of money or give him a card. And our anniversary, birthday, and Christmas. Also be sure to check out my cupcake heart picks and my heart pockets if you need a simple DIY Valentines day gifts for him some simple DIY gifts to make for boyfriend or your husband.

20 Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

If you prefer to buy him a non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gift, I have a guide for that too.

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Simple Origami Hearts

These cards are simple and understated. You can also learn to make origami love notes with this Kindle book.

I’m Nuts About You Heart

This heart ornament is great for the craftsy (“mechanical”) guy.

52 Things I Love About You

Let’s do a game of 52 pickup.

Message in a Bottle

This little bottle would be super romantic to put in his lunch box or briefcase. My husband isn’t too romantic, but I know he’d love this one!

Secret Message in a Bottle

If your main squeeze likes to do puzzles, then you could always make him a secret message in a bottle. Extra points for sexy messages.

Valentine’s Day Scratch Off Tickets

I could see giving a bit of a lucky draw on this one.

The Way to a Man’s Heart is With Bacon

You had me with bacon. This would be totally awesome alongside breakfast in bed or a cup of Joe. (Have you ever tried bacon on top of cupcakes? I might do that!)

Speaking of Bacon … Roses

A little more complicated but a nice twist on the whole flower thing.

Speaking of Bouquets …

You could give him one that he would really like. To drink. Because nothing says I love you better than alcohol. A couple of years ago, I gave my husband a dozen “roses” for our anniversary. He told me that was the best present ever. (The “roses” were his favorite beer.)

DIY Heart Boxers

My kind of craft! [Insert Valentine’s day joke about hearts on your boxers here.] Get yourself some basic red boxers for this project. You can also just buy some red heart boxers.

The Perfect Match

I love this match glass set. Perfect for sitting by the firepit or cooking up some steaks on the grill.

The Man Cake

Who said cakes had to be for babies and weddings? This is by far the best one that I’ve seen yet. (Remember my “roses”?)

14 Days of I Love You

Why not give him 14 Valentines instead of just one?

Photo Props

This is an awesome idea … for your snaps or your instas … or if you have a funky photo booth near you.

Treasure Hunt … For You

A totally cool treasure hunt. Just make sure you are somewhere comfy, just in case he takes a while.

DIY Toiletry Bag

My husband likes to travel … to the gym for golfing trips. (We now have a huge home gym.) So this would be nifty for him.

No-Bake Bourbon Balls

For those of us who cannot bake (me), here are some no-bake goodies that he will love.

Money, Money, Money

Money is a fun gift. Wrap it up with a heart.

Romantic Flowers on the Lawn

This idea is pretty nifty (although cold in February). (Does grass even grow in February? I’ll have to ask my husband.) Also fun to do in the sand, if you live near the beach or have a sand box. I’m imagining hearts in my Zen-garden …


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