Why Are My Car Repairs Taking So Long?

Dude, Where’s My Car?

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This past year, my family has had the worst luck with cars. We’ve been in three car accidents (longtime readers may remember my daughter’s large accident). Last December, a tree fell down in the middle of the (unlit) highway, and we ran over it.

Are you frustrated with the slow pace of your car repairs? COVID is responsible for the backlog of parts and the used car market boom. It's getting out of hand.
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Well, folks, the supply chain issue is real. Or so the autobody shop told us. In addition to waiting for car parts, I apparently also had to wait for them to find my car.

Here’s a rough chronology of what happened since the accident.

December 11, 2021: Mother Nature hates us.

December 12, 2021: My car is dropped off at their lot. I ask for the car to be inspected in addition to the repairs.

December 20, 2021: I call & have to leave a voicemail, wondering what happened to my car.

December 27, 2021: I call & have to leave a voicemail, wondering what happened to my car.

January 3, 2022: I call & have to leave a voicemail, wondering what happened to my car.

January 10, 2022: I call & have to leave a voicemail, wondering what happened to my car.

January 12, 2022: I visit the autobody shop, wondering what happened to the autobody shop. And wondering what happened to my car. Oh, the supply chain issues. The doors won’t be in for another … three months. W.T.F.???????

Sometime in the middle of April 2022: True to their word, the car doors arrive, but I don’t know this until the end of April 2022 because someone didn’t call me to tell me that the car was finished.

End of April 2022: I pick up my car. They didn’t inspect it.

The next day: I bring it to another place to get it inspected. On the way to to the other place, the O2 sensor comes on. I call the autobody shop. Oh, someone should have told you that a few sensors would come on. Just bring it back.

A few days later: I pick up my car from the other place (who called me as SOON AS THE CAR WAS DONE). They need to have the autobody shop fill out the paperwork once the O2 sensor is fixed. I drop off my car to the autobody shop, asking them to fill out the paperwork. Guy behind the counter makes a copy and puts it with my car key. While the car is here, would you like us to inspect it for you?

A week later: I call & have to leave a voicemail, wondering what happened to my car.

The following day: I call repeatedly until someone decides to answer the phone. Oh, your car was ready three days ago. Someone should have called you. I pick up my car. You didn’t give us any paperwork to fill out. If you did, it would have been with your car key.

I take my car to the other place, who inspects it within an hour and CALLS ME TO LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS IT WAS DONE.

Beginning of May 2022: I take a trip to see a friend. Check Hybrid Engine Failure light comes on. I call autobody shop. Yeah, bring it in. We’ll take a look and give you a call.

May 8, 2022: I drop off car.

May 9, 2022: Autobody shop looks at my car. Holy Mother of God, it’s a Check Hybrid Engine Failure light! We don’t do this type of work! Customer has to take it to a Toyota-authorized mechanic! This lady is crazy! Why did she bring it here!

Sometime in June 2022: I call & have to leave a voicemail, wondering what happened to my car.

Sometime in the beginning of July 2022: I call & have to leave a voicemail, wondering what happened to my car.

July 22, 2022: Husband got rear-ended at a stop sign by some guy not paying attention.

July 23, 2022: We take husband’s car to another autobody shop, and we go across the street to the autobody shop that is repairing my car. What? We don’t have your car! Uh, lady, you crazy.

Me: My car is sitting right there. {{Crazy Lady points to her car.}}

Them: Are you sure?

Me: I’m pretty sure I know what my car looks like.

Them: Well, we don’t have your keys. So we didn’t work on it.

Me: It moved from where I dropped it off. And another car is parking it in. So it’s obviously been here for a while.

Them: Let me check. …………

Them: Oh yeah, the work was done on May 9. Whoops. Now, where are your keys …? Oh, the mechanic left his coffee inside your car, and it’s now spilled all over everything? Lady, you crazy, no one here would do something like that.

I’d like to say this was an exaggeration, but sadly, it is not.

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