30+ Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

30+ Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

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The summer is here! I love the weather (even if it’s hot and humid here in PA), gardening … and, of course, summer vacation. I sought out 30+ easy summer crafts for kids to keep those little hands busy. Ages from toddlers to preschoolers – and even tweens and adults! I really love all these crafts. Part of me wishes that I had little ones again so I can make them up. Be sure to stop by and visit my own list of crafts – my favorite is the no-sew bow.

I sought out 30+ easy summer crafts for kids to keep those little hands busy. Ages from toddlers to preschoolers, and even tweens and adults!

Easy Summer Crafts for Children & Adults Alike … Create Something Smashing This Summer!

Have some crafty fun with the babes. I loved to photograph us doing crafts. Such good memories!

1. Milk Carton Birdhouse & Bird Feeder Kids Craft

My kind of craft, making something useful and pretty right from the recycling bin. You can also paint cans and jars, too. For the cans, make sure that no parts can cut little hands.


2. Child’s Handprint Clay Jewelry Dish

I think this is a great gift for the front hallways, to throw some keys and change into.


 3. Pool Noodle Boats

What says summer more than pool noodles?

When I was a little girl, we use to have pool sailboat races. We constructed them of any material we had lying around … Styrofoam bowls, paper, even aluminum foil.


  4. Pineapple Planters

I knew this girl in college who went wild over anything pineapple. I must admit, pineapples are super sunny … great for summer … and super cute … great for kids!


 5. Personalized Beach Towels

Right up there with refashioning and recycling is tie-dyeing! (Or is it tie dying? idk.) Just be sure to wash your beach towel before use, otherwise your bathing suit might end up being dyed.


6. Tie Dye Pillowcase

This tutorial makes for a great, personalized project … especially for all those backyard camping days ahead.


7. No-Sew Duct Tape Zipper Pouch

(So … it’s duct tape. Not duck tape.) But whatever tape it is, they are cute. My girls used to go ga-ga over anything duct tape.


 8. Flour Paint

This craft looks like double the fun … make the paint on day one, then paint with them on day two. You can use them to make some beautiful pictures.


9. Shaving Cream Puffy Paint

… or you can make your own puffy paint!


10. Elmer’s Glue Gel Batik

I’ll admit here that I didn’t have any idea what Batik was. Batik is the art of decorating cloth with wax and dye. The above uses glue … perfect for kids!


11. Bottle Cap Bugs

These things are seriously buggy. I love them.


12. Bean Mosaic Art

You can make all sorts of different “mosaic” style art with dry noodles, beans, or any kind of object in the house (maybe like beads).


13. Salt Dough Starfish

This easy summertime craft would be great for a pool party or beach-themed party. Or even just to decorate for the summer to remind you of the beach.


14. Beaded Friendship Bracelets

A new twist on friendship bracelets. When I was a little girl, I used to make friendship bracelets all day long with embroidery floss. I also include these with the scrappy quilting blocks you can buy.


15. Easy Friendship Bracelets

Or you could just make some awesome friendship bracelets … for all your BFFs. This site has some more cool (hahaha get it!!!) summer crafts for kids.


16. Toilet Paper Fishy Fish

I included this craft because it is waaaay cute. Fish = Nemo = Awesome


17. Slime

No crafting roundup would be complete without a tutorial on how to make slime. I just don’t get slime. But, my teen loves it. So here it is. You can add all sorts of things to the slime, like glitter. But glitter gets everywhere (e.g. your sofa). You have been warned.


18. DIY Lightsabers

For all your Star Wars fans … even the older ones (like you and your spouse), these make a great backyard fun day.


19. Styrofoam Cup Sea Crabs

How about an army of sea crabs instead? For those of you who end up with those hermit crabs that they always sell at the Boardwalk … get one made out of Styrofoam instead.


20. Homemade Bird Feeder

Also a recycling craft, and feed the birdies to boot!


21. Sharpie Tie Dyed Shirts

More tie-dye for ya … these are a nice spin on tie-dyed stuff. (Yes, I just made another spin joke.)


22. Crayon Rocks

How about melting some crayons on rocks? If you and your babies like to garden, these could make some colorful plant markers.


23. Painted Rocks

… or just painting some rocks.


These things are adorable. I think this would make a great card.

24. Light Up Fireflies

Instead of catching fireflies, you can make them.


25. Paper Watermelon Fan

Mom would sure love this fan in the heat of the summer. (Moms, you know what I’m talking about.)


26. Sea Shell Fishies

OMG I am in love with these fishies. Nemooooooo. Okay, I already used that joke.


27. Pool Noodle Stamping

You can use pool noodles for all sorts of nifty crafts, including making stamps. Apples are shown here.


28. Caterpillar Clothespin

These are cute little bugs that are useful for all sorts of things. Throw a small magnet on the back of them, and you have an instant refrigerator clip. Or use them as bag clips (for potato chips).


29. Toilet Paper Shark

We made some toilet paper fishies, now how about a sharkie to eat them? (Or is that not appropriate for children? LOL)


30. Mini Paper Kite

Whoo! How about this craft? I bet you this would provide a lot of fun running around in the backyard. (Do they fly?)


31. Kool-Aid Play Dough

Please do not use this craft anywhere that you don’t want to be painted with Kool-Aid coloring, e.g. your sofa.


And that’s it! Which summer craft are you going to make with the kids?


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