The Awesome Feed Dogs On A Sewing Machine

The Awesome Feed Dogs On A Sewing Machine

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What are the feed dogs on a sewing machine? This metal piece is an important part of the sewing machine. The feed dog is a metal plate that has little gripper teeth, and it is located underneath where the needle is.

The feed dog is a metal plate that moves up and down to push fabric along. It is underneath the fabric, with the needle on top of the fabric. The teeth help grip the fabric, and it moves in spaced steps in conjunction with the needle going up and down.

What Are The Feed Dogs On A Sewing Machine?

There are two types of feed dogs: one for top-stitch machines and one for flatbed machines. Both will help you sew with less frustration.

In my Brother 1034DX review article, I talked about how sergers have two sets of feed dogs with a differential feed system. This means that the front feed dog pushes the material under the presser foot, while the back feed dog pushes the material out of the serger. This action an help with, for example, making ruffles.

Where Can I Buy Feed Dogs For My Sewing Machine?

Believe it or not, you can buy most models’ feed dogs on Amazon! The replacement parts are not too expensive.

Video of Feed Dogs On A Sewing Machine


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