Finding Common Ground Ain't So Common

Want to resolve conflicts effectively? Discover the art of finding common ground in conflict resolution and improve your communication skills today.

Finding Common Ground Ain't So Common
finding common ground in conflict resolution

The last custody fight I had with The Kid’s father, let’s call him B, was when she was 17 years old. This dispute began approximately in January, the month she was born, and went into August, when we finally went to a custody conciliation. We ended up settling and avoiding trial, which saved us both time, energy, and money. It also saved The Kid from having to speak to the judge … yet again … why she did not want to live with her father.

Want to resolve conflicts effectively? Discover the art of finding common ground in conflict resolution and improve your communication skills today.
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Of course the reason I’m bringing up negotiations right now is because of Dominion v. Fox News’s landmark mediation that resulted in a $787.5 million deal. That’s a whole lot of potato chips. In fact, that might be the entire spud farm.

In January, I received a job offer in Arizona. I told B that The Kid wanted to move with me. The Kid also went to college for her junior and senior year, and she did so online.

If you understood the critical part of the proceeding paragraph that she did not need to physically be anywhere, then you understood more than B.

His solution was for The Kid to live with him. Okay, so I understand his sentiments. He didn’t want her to be away from him. We unsuccessfully kept going around the merry-go-round because I’d say she wanted to live with me, and he’d say she could live with him.

Until I filed for a change in custody, and we ended up in conciliation in August, a week before school began (a month before we were set to move).

The conciliator made two major mistakes that almost cost us the negotiations. The first was that he really pissed me off to the point that I almost said no to a deal just because I was so pissed off. The second was that he insulted our child, which pissed us both off. The first thing we learned in mediation training is that you are not supposed to piss anyone off.

But despite the conciliator’s many, many flaws, he did get one point across: that’s something that I like to refer to as the “point of no return.” The reason why the parties do not want to go to trial.

In this case, the conciliator told B that there would be no judge in our state that would not allow The Kid to move to Arizona with me. And we have settlement talks, folks. Sometimes, all it takes is that one person who kicks you in the ass and tells you that you are being an ass.

What happened to Arizona, you ask? Well, The Husband and I decided we didn’t like it.


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