Gobble, Gobble, then Gobble Again

What to do with turkey leftovers (some recipes)

Gobble, Gobble, then Gobble Again
what to do with leftover turkey from thanksgiving

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope everyone snagged a good deal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you didn't have many unpleasant Thanksgiving conversations. Since I’m in a food coma right now, I thought I would do a short newsletter about what to do with your turkey leftovers. As I hate turkey, this list is mostly for my own reference …

What to make with your day-old Thanksgiving meal, including what to do with your leftover turkey (recipes)
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In no particular order

  1. Throw it out because you hate turkey, but you were obligated to serve it because, well, Thanksgiving.
  2. Turkey sammiches with mustard. I love mustard. Makes turkey even taste halfway good. Same with pickles.
  3. Boil turkey bits and the bones to make turkey soup, but then forget that it is on the stove until you throw it out.
  4. Turkey and waffles.
  5. Turkey pot pie. Because the word pie makes me think of yummy things.
  6. When you need to use up those mashed popotoes potatoes, you can make turkey shepherd’s pie. Does anyone know why this is called shepherd’s pie? Last time I checked, shepherds weren’t exactly known for their potato eating.
  7. TLC (Thanksgiving leftover casserole). Because even though you hate turkey, it’s super easy to make.
  8. Have some macaroni with it, ya turkey.
  9. Throw it in omelets. No recipe required.
  10. Did I mention throwing it out because you hate turkey?
  11. If you really must eat turkey leftovers because you are poor (or cheap), try slathering it with so much spice you can’t taste the turkey with turkey curry.
  12. Turkey on top of salad for an easy lunch to bring to work.
  13. This dilly turkey sammich actually sounds good. That’s how powerful pickles are. Even Lisbeth agrees.
  14. Feed it to the dog with some brown rice and leftover carrots. At least the dog will enjoy it.
  15. Turkey salad. The mayonnaise does a good job of hiding the turkey taste.
  16. Classic cobb salad.
  17. I’m not sure why anyone would want to ruin a good minestrone, but apparently you can make it with turkey, too.
  18. The air fryer makes everything taste good. Air fryer turkey croquettes.
  19. Chili also makes everything taste good. Turkey chili.
  20. You know what also tastes good? Chinese takeout.

An Actual Recipe: Turkey Mandu (칠면조 만두)

Here’s something of my own creation. I generally use chicken, but you can substitute turkey as well. In a high powered blender:

  • 1 package tofu, drained
  • 1 onion, sliced up
  • some kimchi
  • leftover turkey
  • two or three green onions
  • 1 package of those wonton wrappers you find in the grocery store

Blend ingredients together and stuff inside wonton wrappers. Air fry. Or just fry fry. Then write me an email to tell me how delicious it is.

The Book Promos

This week, Audrey Walker has a bundle of her Robin Matthews series. Grab yours today to go with that turkey sammich!

We also have Justice Served Cold just like your turkey leftovers. (See what I did there?) You can grab some free books for the inner justice warrior in you.


This week, I am reading Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. So far, it’s boring as hell. I realize that Mr. King is supposed to be the master of horror (which, in my opinion, is a subset of fantasy), but I tend to think his books are front-loaded with exposition that will eventually be halfway exciting. The older I get, the less I like him. Or maybe the older he gets. He should eat more turkey.

I’ve been really into the B rated fantasy movies and television shows lately, and I started up the Mythica series. This is a very D&D-like movie series of a band of adventurers going on a quest together. I recommend!