Goliath Season 2 on Amazon Prime [It's Bad, Read the Recap & Skip It]

Goliath Season 2 on Amazon Prime [It’s Bad, Read the Recap & Skip It]

1 out of 5 stars ... gross and disgusting
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After the gorgeousness that was season 1, Goliath starring Billy Bob Thornton returns for a second season on Amazon Prime. Billy McBride takes on a double murder case for his friend, the owner of the bar that he always gets drunk in.

I rated Season 1 as probably one of the top legal thriller television seasons for its riveting and accurate courtroom scenes, but this season … is just disturbing. On so many levels. Do yourself a favor. Read this comprehensive recap, and skip directly to season 3. I watched this awfulness so you don’t have to. 1 out of 5 stars.

Missed season 2 of Goliath on Amazon Prime? Don't worry, we've got you covered with this ultimate recap of all the drama and intrigue.
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How many seasons of Goliath are there on Amazon Prime TV? 4 seasons.

All the Goliath Amazon Prime Recaps & Reviews

I've reviewed each season in painstaking detail. The recaps are a lot to unpack. Like most good TV shows and movies, Goliath has a lot of symbolism and subtext. Good writing, good acting, and good all-around premise (even taking season 2 into consideration). These recaps are part of my best legal courtroom drama tv series.

Goliath Season 2 Recaps

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Goliath Season 2, Episode 1 – La Mano

Billy McBride is reluctantly pulled back into criminal defense when his friend’s 16- year-old son is arrested for a double murder.

After a brief recap (always nice, thank you Prime), we are pulled into a DEA sting operation. We hear news coverage that the police are “zeroing in” on the La Mano drug cartel. We are also introduced to the lovely Marisol Silva (Ana de la Reguera), who is running for Mayor.

I just love Ana, but that’s a different story.

Billy is passed out drunk at the bar Chez Jay next door to the motel he lives in. The owner, Oscar Suarez, walks him home. (Chez Jay is real, btw, although I have no idea if the inside looks like in the show.) Billy tries to give Oscar a car, and then a ton of money. We see that Billy is living the low life after winning his millions last season.

After walking him home, Oscar asks for a favor. We learn that both of his older sons are dead because of gang-related activities. But Oscar ends up leaving without asking his question.

Next scene, Brittany comes in. Remember, Brittany basically betrayed Billy last season. She gave a really deep-felt apology for what she did, stating that she was mixed up in her own shit. And here’s the zinger, she loves him. Billy then hands her a big ass check for the work she did for him in the last case.

Back to Oscar, outside the motel. Here’s the favor coming. The cops said his youngest son, Julio, killed someone in a gang-related crime murder for retaliation for his other son. Oscar doesn’t have any money for a good lawyer. We get an Easter egg here, too, that Billy doesn’t take murder trials, but he’ll check in on Julio for the old man.

And so Billy does, but he repeats what he told to Oscar: Billy doesn’t do capital murder cases.

In the next scene, Denise and Billy are chatting. We find out that Mom has moved to London, and Mom is living in a castle. Speaking of houses, Billy bought a house for them. But yeah … Billy’s still living in the motel. And the house has no food. She wants to know about his drinking … and Denise tells him that Marva has been giving updates on Billy’s drinking.

The next day, Marva brings him some chicken salad. And Billy basically tells her to stfu.

Enter Marisol Silva. She’s under the impression that Billy was taking Julio’s case because Billy went to see the young boy in prison. We learn that Julio is very special to Marisol. Marisol would like Billy to visit again. Billy asks her to have a drink, but Marisol doesn’t want to in public. They have a cute little moment.

Billy meets the detective on the case (Keith Roman), and he gets walked through the scene. Two murders. But there is an eye-witness, who saw Julio. So Billy goes out to the scene. He pays a kid to retrace the steps of what the eye-witness allegedly saw.

We zoom in to a basketball game, where the detective we just met. We meet his partner, Danny Loomis. They talk about having Julio in custody. But Detective Roman flat out says this is the last one they are doing … his stomach is in knots. Roman says Billy McBride is sniffing around. We then pan out and see Roman picking up a bunch of cash.

Meanwhile, Loomis sees a billboard with Marisol … and Julio. Loomis calls Tom Wyatt. Wyatt said he would call “her,” which I assume is Marisol. She makes another appearance in the next scene, a dinner between Marisol, Elena Morales (Marisol’s assistant), and Tom. Tom asks how “we” could get Marcus Vargis’s vote (the answer is a soccer field). Matters then turn to Julio, who was a poor kid who obviously needed something … Julio is the “cornerstone” of Marisol’s campaign. We then meet Ryan, the server. Tom remarks that he never knew that Ryan lost a finger, at which point, Marisol jumps up and leaves. A big ol’ conspiracy is brewing, my friends.

We now see a sweat shop, at an unknown location. A man (who has no arm) answers the phone and take the message to another man, who is sawing off a woman’s hand. This man is Gabriel Ortega. Tom sent Mr. Ortega a message that everything is under control.

We now see Billy and Marva coaching Oscar about giving testimony. “Just tell the truth,” Billy says. Oscar says something about a new suit, which we can assume that Billy purchased. Next thing we know, Oscar is shot and killed in broad daylight.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 2 – Politics

After a brutal loss, Billy decides to formally take on Julio Suarez’s defense, but before he can go back to court, he has to get his team back together first.

We begin thirteen days ago (so says the BIG BOLD LETTERS). Some blonde haired dude, Tom, and another Asian-looking guy are in an elevator. Tom knocks on the door and the Asian guy delivers some food. The blonde and Tom knock on a door “to add a few details to the proposal” to another hippy-looking guy. The blonde delivers something to this new guy, who then makes several deliveries of his own (all cash exchanging hands).

Tom then meets with the hippy (whose name is Pete) and Loomis. They discuss the blonde, and Tom says, “If it makes Gabrielle happy, do it.” The blonde delivers a bunch of coke or heroine to someone else (probably a roommate), and they are both shot and killed.

Pan-in to Billy at the bar, drinking himself away. He then sees Julio and tells him that Oscar died. A great line: “There’s an asshole at every corner, and they are still breathing.” They let us know that the cops think it was Marco’s crew, for retaliation on Julio’s trumped up charges. Billy takes Julio’s case.

Marva is telling Brittany what happened to Oscar. Brittany is “glad to be back.” But just Brittany isn’t good enough. We need loudmouth Patty, who is probably my favorite character other than Billy. Patty’s (ex-)family loves Billy, and they all try to get Billy to take their case (the famous “bunion” case). Billy lays it out: he needs help with Julio’s case.

This scene is a pivotal moment for Billy’s characterization. Despite not doing murder trials, he needs to take this case because Oscar died in his arms. “If I have any passion left in me at all, this is where I need to use it.” But Patty turns down helping him.

We see Patty, who is giving a cigarette to someone (I think the person is homeless). She’s doing some real estate thingie, trying to rent out a space that she can’t. Billy at the bar, shooting some pool. Patty comes in and will help Billy, but he needs to keep Brittany away from him. Oh yeah, it’s pro bono too.

We see Denise throwing out all of Billy’s alcohol in the hotel. “I’m really hoping that this will cause you to stop and think the next time you are going to take a drink.” Obviously, this kid doesn’t understand alcoholism too much.

Patty walks into the hotel with Marva and Brittany. Brittany is totally ignored.

The prosecution meets Billy and Patty at the stairs. He is interviewing Marva, and prosecutor makes a hearsay objection, and Billy responds that it is reliable hearsay. (This is the law on reliable hearsay.) The judge says it is inadmissible hearsay. But the prosecution got some security footage from the neighbors’ house, and lo and behold! It’s Julio! And he’s got a handgun in his waistband. (But the prosecution says to Roman that without a murder weapon … there’s no go. So find it.)

Billy is now questioning Julio. Billy and Patty need to know the truth. Julio says he heard some gunshots, and then he ran away. The gunman was (really) short and Hispanic.

The next scene we see Roman meet with the really short and Hispanic guy, paying him off for the murder. But they need the gun. It was tossed in some dumpster.

Billy goes to visit a friend named JT, a very short and very eccentric dude who apparently is trying to fish up something from the river. JT will try to see what he can do to figure out the killer.

We see a bunch of reporters accost Marisol as she walks into her campaign HQ. They have put together the connection between her and Julio. She says on camera that she believes in Julio Suarez. Marisol is rescued by Elena. Marisol awaits Billy outside of the hotel room. She is so happy because Billy is taking Julio’s case. She takes Billy up on that “drink.”

Tom is at the gym/spa/whatever, and we get a butt shot. He is gawking at all the naked guys (and we see a full frontal), so I think we’re supposed to think he’s gay. Some dude kidnaps him at gunpoint (in his towel) and throws him into an SUV. Gabrielle is pissed at all the attention on Julio’s case. We see Tom sweating when Tom doesn’t sweat. He’s thrown out of the car.

Roman and some dude (I think it was the shooter) are looking for the gun inside of a dumpster. Meanwhile, Tom is picked up by Loomis, and Tom beats up the cop. He’s dropped off at his apartment, he takes a shower, and then he sees dead flowers in the corner.

The prosecutor (Hakeem Rashad) shows up at Billy’s hotel room to give a plea. He offers voluntary manslaughter, 11 years. Rashad looks around, and says, “50 million?”

Julio is brought to a room, where he sees a musical instrument (a gift from Marisol).

Back at the campaign HQ, Tom, Loomis and Marisol continue to argue about Julio. They go on and on why Julio has to take the fall for the murder, but really, it’s a bunch of nonsense at this point. It’s one of the reasons why the show got such bad ratings because the actual motive isn’t well explained. But what they did make clear is that Julio needs to take the fall for Hunter’s murder otherwise they all go down. She flips out. Loomis slips up and says that Gabrielle is watching. Elena comes in and hands some paper to Marisol.

Marisol shows up at Billy’s hotel very upset. That’s the perfect storm for some more “drinks,” and maybe some “getting drunk.”

Goliath Season 2, Episode 3 – Fresh Flowers

When Billy learns the name of the real shooter, he has to turn to the FBI to help him bring his elusive suspect in for questioning.

We begin with a flashback of Julio’s older brothers being gunned down. Next scene, JT wakes up Billy Bob with some information with “the little brown guy.” They then go to the judge, showing the shooter. The judge wants to talk to McBridge ex-parte because she doesn’t want Billy to reveal any work product about his source (JT). She decides to grant Billy’s request to haul the dude in.

Next scene, Tom is waiting in the recruiting hall … but Tom has to make an appointment with Elena. He says “no, thanks” and walked out.

A bunch of rapid scenes: Billy and Patty go to the police station to get the guy pulled in, see Roman, who basically tells them to F off. At the prison, we see Julio’s girlfriend. Outside of someone’s house, Billy has a baseball bat.At Roman’s kid’s game, the police officer grabs Patty and threatens her.

Finally back to the hotel, Marva asks Patty if they found the shooter (Tito Garcia). Patty is shaken up. She’s very bruised. Billy back at someone’s house … it’s Tito Garcia … the police show up and nab him. Meanwhile, Roman is talking with Loomis on the phone. Roman is having an ulcer.

At Chez, they meet with Jeff Clayton. Apparently, Tito Garcia has already been processed and deported, which is a miracle because no government agency works that fast … for anything. Billy wants Jeff to track down Tito, Jeff does a little flirty with Patty, she is typical Patty.

Back at Marisol’s office, Tom yells at her. Marisol gets a call from Billy, and she walks out on Tom. He tells Marisol that something about Julio’s case is creeping him out. Tom just shows up with their dinner. Awkwardness ensues.

Back at Billy’s hotel, Marisol is snooping around. Someone banging on his door. Some crazy person named Robin “serves” him in the middle of the night with a “restraining order” filled out on a notepaper and pencil. Marisol tells him that she once had a guy tie her up to make her like she had no arms and legs to get going.

(Presumably) in Mexico, someone is stalking out our Tito Garcia. He’s with two women. The police chase and handcuff him. Billy gets word that they found him. On the way out, they run into Denise, who worships Marisol. Marisol yells at Tom and Loomis because Tito coming back. Loomis calls someone. The FBI lost Tito. But at Julio’s house, they suddenly “find” the murder weapon.

They are in a diner, and Patty orders a cobb salad with everything changed. Billy orders a coffee. They discuss presenting the plea deal to Julio. But Patty goes to the prison to tell Julio the deal. Julio told Patty that he gave the gun to his girlfriend.

Brittany at a meeting, talking. She sits next to Tom. Tom is driving and picks up a call that Tito is on his way … and Gabriel delivered some “fresh flowers” to show his appreciation. He opens some kind of screen, where he says “HR Pufnstuff, who’s your friend when things get rough?” which puts on the television. Two people walk in. The young girl takes off her fake leg, which turns Tom on. Meanwhile, Tito is sent to Gabriel, the doctor. Ngl, I had to skip to the next episode.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 4 – Alo

Billy tries a risky strategy to suppress the prosecution’s two key pieces of evidence, hoping he can clear Julio’s name before trial even begins.

Gabriel is talking about his dad, being poor, and then expanding to the drug cartel business. He’s talking to Tom about a deal. Gabriel shows Tom one of the “operations.” Gabriel actually wanted to be a surgeon. He says he is taking over the business … he lets the “punishment fit the crime.” (He removes her leg.) Ngl, I had to skip over this too. Bruh, I told you this season is unnecessarily brutal.

Next scene: guys are moving rugs into a truck. A rug is put in the little room from when we saw Tom turn on the screen. It’s the woman from the previous scene, and Tom walks in with some fresh flowers. It’s the girl without the leg. (I think it’s the same one from the previous scene and the previous Tom-creeper scene.) We’re basically being told that when Tom is good, he gets rewarded with the girl.

Box being shipped, delivered to Billy. At the judge’s chamber. He puts up the gun that Roman found at the scene of the crime. Billy takes out the actual gun. But Billy got his day, because the judge orders a suppression hearing. A suppression hearing is to determine whether evidence can or cannot be shown to the jury.

Brittany and Tom are in a coffee shop. A little flirt flirt. She tells Tom her history why she works for Billy McBride. Some guy walks up and recognizes her. She says “Vegas,” and he walks off. She then tells Tom that she’s a former prostitute. Tom holds her hand and says don’t be ashamed.

Here’s the package. Billy takes the box to Roman, whose head was Tito. Roman is a douche bag and arrests Billy for “threatening” a police officer. The FBI dude Jeff comes in prison, along with Patty. Jeff tries to flirt with Patty, and she just says “no” in classic Patty ahahaha.

In the bar. Patty is worried. Billy walks into his house and sees Denise sleeping. At Roman’s house. Keith’s wife, Mary, is all upset because Roman isn’t talking to her. We find out that they were all high school buddies. She wants to hire an investigator. Loomis and Roman have a fight. Roman is all upset because of the next day’s suppression hearing. Dude is losing his shit.

Roman on the stand, confirming that the gun found at Julio’s apartment was the gun that killed the two dealers. Billy asks why Roman found the gun two weeks later after already done a search. Some arguments about probative value over the prejudicial value. (That means that if a piece of evidence has the possibility of prejudicing the jury without good value, then it is thrown out.)

Tom comes home, and the flowers are all destroyed. The people in the other room are dead. Gabriel summoned Tom about the case not going well. Gabriel tells Tom to kill Julio and make it look like a suicide. Marva tells Patty and Billy that the gun and video stay in evidence. * IMHO, even if the gun and video were not suppressed, Julio’s case is gonna get tossed. All Billy has to do is blame it on Roman planting evidence.

Billy wants JR to shake the ground about Roman. Loomis and Pete “The Broker” … Tom walks in. Loomis suggests killing the kid. Tom then beats the crap outta him. Marisol and Billy at Chez. Billy bought the place for the night, being romantic. He asks Marisol about the drug cartel. They have an argument about the drug cartel.

Hakeem calls Roman. They jump the judge in the train station, who is doing work lol. The judge says that Billy planted the seeds of conspiracy into her head. JT talking to people on the bus, getting info. Marisol meets with Denise. Marisol tells Denise about their argument. Back at the car, Marisol text messages someone. Pan in to Denise finding Billy. Denise isn’t too sly about asking Billy about details.

JT leaves a VM. Billy at Roman’s place. Tito was Roman’s CI. He tries to tell Roman to fess up.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 5 – Who’s Gabriel

Billy finally gets a witness who can exonerate Julio, but he won’t talk unless Billy can convince the prosecutor to give him a deal.

We begin with Gabriel telling us about his family, especially a little girl whose parents were killed in a terrible accident. Given this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gabriel’s father was responsible. We see a disturbing story about how Gabriel killed a boy over a toy. The viewer is obviously left to wondering … who is the little girl?

Pete “The Broker” is in the locker at the gym. He runs in the towel boy. Pete was a dick. Hakeem and Billy parked somewhere, waiting for someone. Pan in to Roman, who gets a text. Drives off. Patty and Billy talking to Jeff. Jeff says the feds are investigating Tito’s deportation. Patty says “fine,” and we are left to wonder what that means.

Denise is working for Marisol. Hook man Miguel Torres shows up to talk to Marisol, who says boss wants to speak with her. Marisol is very adamant that Torres needs to make an appointment.

Meanwhile, Roman goes back home. Billy is there speaking to Mary. While I am not advocating that anyone watch this season, Billy’s conversation with Mary is a great example of subtext is conversation. Writers, study this shit. This is where Billy is having one conversation, Mary is having another conversation, and Roman is having a third conversation. Wonderful writing.

… but they are being watched by Loomis. Ruh roh.

Tom and Brittany on Tom’s boat. Kissy kiss. Tom says it doesn’t work that way with him.

Billy shows up with Roman. Hakeem and Patty are there. Roman wants immunity and witness protection. Loomis is still watching.

Tom brings Brittany back to the creepy house. He tells her of his sexual proclivities. We find out that the house is a duplicate of his house growing up. Tom has “eroticized childhood trauma” over his sister having her left cut off. Brittany sits down in the chair, puts her leg behind her as if it is cut off. Brittany blabs about the case. Ruh roh.

Marisol in the car, waiting for Billy. Billy apologizes for being an asshole. Pan into Loomis and Roman, Hakeem is inside. (Another subtextual conversation here. Omfg. These writers are the bomb.)

Patty and Jeff in Chez Jay. So the “fine” was a date. Patty lays it out on the line. She tells him what’s life would be like with Patty. He wants a dance. Patty wants him to leave her alone. Awww Patty big mouth in love.

In the judge’s office. Motion to dismiss, etc. Protective custody. Judge thankie thanks Billy for not letting an innocent kid go to prison. Julio. Solidary confinement. But he gets to go home.

Loomis at the gym. Tom comes in. Tom says Billy McBride has someone who is going to flip. Tom accuses Roman. “If it’s not Roman, then who is it?” Marisol and opposing candidate in debates. She talks about Julio, she spins it around to be positive. Cheers. Tom says someone is flipping. Pan in to Elena answering a phone inside the car. Aaaaand we see the toy from the beginning of the show. So Gabriel was talking about Marisol. Gabriel says to ask Marisol when is the last time she prayed? And Elena gives it to her … and Marisol fired her (also putting a positive spin on it).

Denise telling Billy about work. Marisol in prison visiting Julio. Marisol says, “You didn’t deserve any of this.” More subtext. Holy macaroni, this show is a grand example of what a book should be written like. Back at the Romans. A motel. Roman and Mary have an argument. Mary says she doesn’t deserve this. Loomis says it was Roman, and now Loomis has to take care of it.

Marisol walking into a church (to pray). She lights a candle. Billy and Marisol eating brunch. Marisol asks Billy to go on vacay. Like, right now. And they drive to some beautiful house with a bunch of staff waiting.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 6 – Two Cinderellas

Believing his client will soon be a free man, Billy joins Marisol for a romantic weekend in Mexico, only for his case to fall apart at home.

JT in a big office. Billy says Wallace is a tough prosecutor. (Wallace was the judge we saw for Billy’s case, so this is a flashback.) Past the governor’s reprieve, so this was a death penalty case. They watch the death. This case was probably what brought JT down, and why Wallace was so kind to JT. (They must have later found out that the guy was innocent.) JT walks out of the prison, drops his briefcase, takes off his suit clothing, and keeps walking.

At the house, we see Gabriel Ortega. They are having a quinceañera. One girl is in blue and the other is in purple. He puts their high heels on. A round of applause for this two Cinderellas. Gabriel watches as Marisol kissy kisses Billy. Billy needs to call someone.

At the motel, the Romans are playing cards. A phone call. Loomis says something about someone flipping. They should meet somewhere to come up with a plan. Seriously, what are you doing answering the phone??? They can track that. Denise. Billy calls. Brittany is there. There is no cell service, so here is the number.

Back at the quinceañera, the girl take pictures with Mexican Girl Dolls dressed just like them. Marisol talking to Gabriel, who is jealous about Billy. Marisol “made her peace” about Julio, but she wants Billy left alone. Gabriel gets grabby, calling her Claudia. Obvious that there was something there before, and Claudia walked away from it.

Roman and Loomis. Roman chose the spot so Loomis could kill him. Roman asks Loomis not to let anything happen to Mary and the kids. But Loomis can’t kill his best friend, and Roman drives away.

Marisol in memory lane. Billy finds the Gabriel book, about Marisol’s life. Gabriel tells a terrible story, they leave awkwardly. They find a woman. Back to Roman at the motel. Ruh roh, an open window. He sees Hook Man, and his family. ;-; Hook Man kills Roman.

Billy and Marisol in the church. The nun is being mean. Turns out the Ortegas have a bad reputation. Nun says Marisol is not welcome in the house of God. In prison, a snitch wants a deal about some shit that is going down about a kid (Julio). Marisol. Gabriel sees Billy, offers to show him around the property. Winery. One of the workers show his stub. Gabriel asks what Billy’s intentions.

Rapid scenes: At the motel. They are being brought out in body bags. Patty is desperately trying to get a hold of Billy. Julio in prison, being brought to the room with the instrument. JT talks to Patty, says Julio is in trouble. Prison guard closes the door. Marisol and Billy, why did Billy come to Mexico? Marisol says she wants Billy to know about her. Prison guard kills Julio. Gabriel listening to Marisol and Billy doing it. Patty trying to get Julio out, discovers that Julio is dead.

Marisol walks out after Billy is asleep. She walks in on Gabriel doing one of the girls from the quinceañera. Gabriel says he’ll do Billy simple as he touches her. (So there was some kind of thing going on there.)

Patty hugging Jeff. JT talking to Wallace. JT wants an investigation open about Julio. Wallace says she misses JT. FYI, I totally want to find a train station as my office now.

Marisol praying, with her toy in the background. At the end, she holds Gabriel’s hand. Marisol and Billy walking. Marisol says she had a dream that they were married. Marisol says she loves Billy. They were interrupted because Billy has an urgent phone call from Patty. Billy walks away with a bottle of wine.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 7 – Diablo Verde

Held hostage by strangers and with no memory of how he got there, Billy has to make a harrowing escape from Mexico.

We start a scene of some random bad guys. Billy wakes up (presumably in the same house). Some random woman is sleeping next to him. FYI, she’s annoying AF (but also nice, so I feel bad about saying how annoying she is), and I have no idea why she was put in this season. Maybe because they killed off a whole slew of peeps, so they needed someone to do some acting besides Billy Bob. I think we’re still in Mexico. Billy leaves the room, and we see all the randos. He has no idea what is going on, but a bunch of gun-holding wackos outside. Janet doesn’t know anything either. Janet is the annoying AF woman. They are waiting for the “word” … which I think is probably Gabriel giving the okay to off them.

This show they are doing fade-in and fade-out cinematography, which is as annoying at Janet. Knock at the door. Lunch. Goon #1 is an asshole. One of the dudes (the dumb one) is hitting on Janet. Billy wants a cup of tea. Billy talks to Goon #2, who wants to copyright some of his stuff. Another fade, Janet and Billy talking.

Billy asks for some more tea. [Pardon me while I go get some chamomile.] Janet wakes up Billy, says they got the call to finish the job, they make a plan. Things go a little awry. The guy in the back room (whom Janet pretends to have sex with) screams. Goon #1 and Goon #2 run around. Billy takes the water and throws it in Woman Goon’s face, then whacks Goon #1 and Goon #2 in the face. Takes the gun. Kills people at the back as they run out.

Run away, trying to avoid more goons. Janet needs to STFU. Seriously, he should pistol whip her because they aren’t after her. At this point, they are being chased. And they have a drone on them. They run into some kind of festival. Billy must have listened to me, because he dumps the girl with some dudes. They exchange gun fire, Billy goes down. Some one runs by.

Patty and Jeff in bed. She walks out on him. Goes through a bunch of evidence that he has at the house. She takes a cell phone and leaves. Awkward. Marisol in a media shitstorm. (Probably about Julio.) Elena is back. Elena confronts her about being Claudia. Elena should have just let everything go … everyone is now looking for Billy. Turns out, Patty stole Keith Roman’s burner phone.

Brittany and Tom in the house. Brittany is all upset about Julio. Tom is crying, Brittany is consoling. Elena gets her nose cut off by Hook Man. EWWWW OKAY EWWWW. Denise calling Billy, we see a glimpse into Season 3 when she is having a screwball. Loomis on the run. Elena in the car scared, running off. Loomis runs into The Broker, then the Hook Man. Loomis gets his ear cut off. Hook Man threw it in the pool. Loomis is on the roof, gonna jump.

Patty sees The Broker on the bench. She gets a call about Billy. Patty and Denise in a parking lot. Billy is in the back underneath the truck part. JT paid a guy to get him out of Mexico. They drive off.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 8 – Tongue Tied

On the night of the mayoral election, Billy and his team race to take down the people responsible before they become an unstoppable Goliath.

Billy starts to put together that Marisol invited him to Mexico to get him away. Billy walks into a hotel, sees Marisol on stage winning the mayorship … and then sees Goon #1 as one of her bodyguards. The Broker calling someone. He realizes that he needs to run away because he’s in some world of trouble. He gives up everything. Billy brings The Broker to Hakeem.

Tom and Brittany, enacting some creepy ass roleplaying. Brittany is trying to get out. But Tom is now pissed because Brittany “ruined it.” Denise drinking, watching Marisol (over and over). Billy and Denise commiserate that they are both idiots. Patty and Brittany make nice-nice. But Jeff and Patty break up because she stole Roman’s phone.

At the hotel. Brittany talks to Billy, and she says that she really liked Tom. Billy is in the house. The Broker gave up Tom. Tom throws Marisol under the bus (that Marisol gave the order to have Julio killed). Billy throws a punch right back, telling Tom that Gabriel is Marisol’s brother.

Billy and Patty go see Elena, who tells them that Mariol is Claudia. Talk to the nun in Marisol’s hometown. But the nun is gone. Apparently everything has been destroyed. Including everything at the house. The people in Gabriel and Marisol’s house are gone. And Elena burns the picture of Claudia in school.

Tom arrested.  The Team back at the motel. Hakeem walking into Tom’s business, but the receptionist tells the District Attorney that he was already arrested. Tom is in the creep-azoid surgery room. Tom has his arms, legs, and tongue cut off.

At the mayor place, Billy and Marisol talk. Billy hopes Marisol does all the things she wanted to do. Marisol tells Billy that she never loved him, I guess her way of telling Billy that she is admitting to trying to have him killed. Billy says that he wishes the last thing she sees when she goes to sleep at night is Julio hanging from the cord.

The Verdict

This season of Goliath used violence gratuitously and unnecessarily. We see a lot of people die and/or get maimed. I had a visceral gag reflex the first time I saw Gabriel cutting off a woman’s hand. I know it wasn’t real, but it was disgusting. I am fully aware that things like this happen everyday. The drug cartels, dirty cops. But at some point there will be a body trail. Or at least a body parts trail. A big name like Billy McBride will be noticed as missing. The fact that no police were involved … not so realistic.

Bottom line: I hated it. The entire plot line was bizarre, and even the bad ass Billy Bob Thornton could not pull it off.


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