Goliath Amazon Prime Season 2 [It's Bad, Read the Recap & Skip It]

1 out of 5 stars. Gross and disgusting.

Goliath Amazon Prime Season 2 [It's Bad, Read the Recap & Skip It]

After the gorgeousness that was season 1, Goliath starring Billy Bob Thornton returns for a second season on Amazon Prime. Billy McBride takes on a double murder case for his friend, the owner of the bar that he always gets drunk in.

I rated Season 1 as probably one of the top legal thriller television seasons for its riveting and accurate courtroom scenes, but this season ... is just disturbing. On so many levels. Do yourself a favor. Read this comprehensive recap, and skip directly to season 3. I watched this awfulness so you don't have to. 1 out of 5 stars.

Missed season 2 of Goliath on Amazon Prime? Don't worry, we've got you covered with this ultimate recap of all the drama and intrigue.
MidJourney prompt: commercial photograph of billy bob thornton in mexico, on black isolated plain, hyper realistic skin texture, --ar 4:5 --s 250 --v 5 ... tbh, not sure what MJ was thinking here. But it kinda looks like Billy Bob if Billy Bob was a animated figure.

How many seasons of Goliath are there on Amazon Prime TV? 4 seasons.

NOTE: I'm in the middle of editing and rewriting this post. Currently on: Episode 3. Sorry, y'all. So some of the episodes don't have recaps yet.

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1 out of 5 stars. Gross and disgusting.

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Goliath Season 2, Episode 1 - La Mano

Billy McBride is reluctantly pulled back into criminal defense when his friend’s 16- year-old son is arrested for a double murder.

After a brief recap (always nice, thank you Prime), we are pulled into a DEA sting operation. We hear news coverage that the police are "zeroing in" on the La Mano drug cartel. We are also introduced to the lovely Marisol Silva (Ana de la Reguera), who is running for Mayor.

I just love Ana, but that's a different story.

Billy is passed out drunk at the bar Chez Jay next door to the motel he lives in. The owner, Oscar Suarez, walks him home. (Chez Jay is real, btw, although I have no idea if the inside looks like in the show.) Billy tries to give Oscar a car, and then a ton of money. We see that Billy is living the low life after winning his millions last season.

After walking him home, Oscar asks for a favor. We learn that both of his older sons are dead because of gang-related activities. But Oscar ends up leaving without asking his question.

Next scene, Brittany comes in. Remember, Brittany basically betrayed Billy last season. She gave a really deep-felt apology for what she did, stating that she was mixed up in her own shit. And here's the zinger, she loves him. Billy then hands her a big ass check for the work she did for him in the last case.

Back to Oscar, outside the motel. Here's the favor coming. The cops said his youngest son, Julio, killed someone in a gang-related crime murder for retaliation for his other son. Oscar doesn't have any money for a good lawyer. We get an Easter egg here, too, that Billy doesn't take murder trials, but he'll check in on Julio for the old man.

And so Billy does, but he repeats what he told to Oscar: Billy doesn't do capital murder cases.

In the next scene, Denise and Billy are chatting. We find out that Mom has moved to London, and Mom is living in a castle. Speaking of houses, Billy bought a house for them. But yeah ... Billy's still living in the motel. And the house has no food. She wants to know about his drinking ... and Denise tells him that Marva has been giving updates on Billy's drinking.

The next day, Marva brings him some chicken salad. And Billy basically tells her to stfu.

Enter Marisol Silva. She's under the impression that Billy was taking Julio's case because Billy went to see the young boy in prison. We learn that Julio is very special to Marisol. Marisol would like Billy to visit again. Billy asks her to have a drink, but Marisol doesn't want to in public. They have a cute little moment.

Billy meets the detective on the case (Keith Roman), and he gets walked through the scene. Two murders. But there is an eye-witness, who saw Julio. So Billy goes out to the scene. He pays a kid to retrace the steps of what the eye-witness allegedly saw.

We zoom in to a basketball game, where the detective we just met. We meet his partner, Danny Loomis. They talk about having Julio in custody. But Detective Roman flat out says this is the last one they are doing ... his stomach is in knots. Roman says Billy McBride is sniffing around. We then pan out and see Roman picking up a bunch of cash.

Meanwhile, Loomis sees a billboard with Marisol ... and Julio. Loomis calls Tom Wyatt. Wyatt said he would call "her," which I assume is Marisol. She makes another appearance in the next scene, a dinner between Marisol, Elena Morales (Marisol's assistant), and Tom. Tom asks how "we" could get Marcus Vargis's vote (the answer is a soccer field). Matters then turn to Julio, who was a poor kid who obviously needed something ... Julio is the "cornerstone" of Marisol's campaign. We then meet Ryan, the server. Tom remarks that he never knew that Ryan lost a finger, at which point, Marisol jumps up and leaves. A big ol' conspiracy is brewing, my friends.

We now see a sweat shop, at an unknown location. A man (who has no arm) answers the phone and take the message to another man, who is sawing off a woman's hand. This man is Gabriel Ortega. Tom sent Mr. Ortega a message that everything is under control.

We now see Billy and Marva coaching Oscar about giving testimony. "Just tell the truth," Billy says. Oscar says something about a new suit, which we can assume that Billy purchased. Next thing we know, Oscar is shot and killed in broad daylight.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 2 - Politics

After a brutal loss, Billy decides to formally take on Julio Suarez’s defense, but before he can go back to court, he has to get his team back together first.

We begin thirteen days ago (so says the BIG BOLD LETTERS). Some blonde haired dude, Tom, and another Asian-looking guy are in an elevator. Tom knocks on the door and the Asian guy delivers some food. The blonde and Tom knock on a door "to add a few details to the proposal" to another hippy-looking guy. The blonde delivers something to this new guy, who then makes several deliveries of his own (all cash exchanging hands).

Tom then meets with the hippy (whose name is Pete) and Loomis. They discuss the blonde, and Tom says, "If it makes Gabrielle happy, do it." The blonde delivers a bunch of coke or heroine to someone else (probably a roommate), and they are both shot and killed.

Pan-in to Billy at the bar, drinking himself away. He then sees Julio and tells him that Oscar died. A great line: "There's an asshole at every corner, and they are still breathing." They let us know that the cops think it was Marco's crew, for retaliation on Julio's trumped up charges. Billy takes Julio's case.

Marva is telling Brittany what happened to Oscar. Brittany is "glad to be back." But just Brittany isn't good enough. We need loudmouth Patti, who is probably my favorite character other than Billy. Patti's (ex-)family loves Billy, and they all try to get Billy to take their case (the famous "bunion" case). Billy lays it out: he needs help with Julio's case.

This scene is a pivotal moment for Billy's characterization. Despite not doing murder trials, he needs to take this case because Oscar died in his arms. "If I have any passion left in me at all, this is where I need to use it." But Patti turns down helping him.

We see Patti, who is giving a cigarette to someone (I think the person is homeless). She's doing some real estate thingie, trying to rent out a space that she can't. Billy at the bar, shooting some pool. Patti comes in and will help Billy, but he needs to keep Brittany away from him. Oh yeah, it's pro bono too.

We see Denise throwing out all of Billy's alcohol in the hotel. "I'm really hoping that this will cause you to stop and think the next time you are going to take a drink." Obviously, this kid doesn't understand alcoholism too much.

Patti walks into the hotel with Marva and Brittany. Brittany is totally ignored.

The prosecution meets Billy and Patti at the stairs. He is interviewing Marva, and prosecutor makes a hearsay objection, and Billy responds that it is reliable hearsay. (This is the law on reliable hearsay.) The judge says it is inadmissible hearsay. But the prosecution got some security footage from the neighbors' house, and lo and behold! It's Julio! And he's got a handgun in his waistband. (But the prosecution says to Roman that without a murder weapon ... there's no go. So find it.)

Billy is now questioning Julio. Billy and Patti need to know the truth. Julio says he heard some gunshots, and then he ran away. The gunman was (really) short and Hispanic.

The next scene we see Roman meet with the really short and Hispanic guy, paying him off for the murder. But they need the gun. It was tossed in some dumpster.

Billy goes to visit a friend named JT, a very short and very eccentric dude who apparently is trying to fish up something from the river. JT will try to see what he can do to figure out the killer.

We see a bunch of reporters accost Marisol as she walks into her campaign HQ. They have put together the connection between her and Julio. She says on camera that she believes in Julio Suarez. Marisol is rescued by Elena. Marisol awaits Billy outside of the hotel room. She is so happy because Billy is taking Julio's case. She takes Billy up on that "drink."

Tom is at the gym/spa/whatever, and we get a butt shot. He is gawking at all the naked guys (and we see a full frontal), so I think we're supposed to think he's gay. Some dude kidnaps him at gunpoint (in his towel) and throws him into an SUV. Gabrielle is pissed at all the attention on Julio's case. We see Tom sweating when Tom doesn't sweat. He's thrown out of the car.

Roman and some dude (I think it was the shooter) are looking for the gun inside of a dumpster. Meanwhile, Tom is picked up by Loomis, and Tom beats up the cop. He's dropped off at his apartment, he takes a shower, and then he sees dead flowers in the corner.

The prosecutor (Hakeem Rashad) shows up at Billy's hotel room to give a plea. He offers voluntary manslaughter, 11 years. Rashad looks around, and says, "50 million?"

Julio is brought to a room, where he sees a musical instrument (a gift from Marisol).

Back at the campaign HQ, Tom, Loomis and Marisol continue to argue about Julio. They go on and on why Julio has to take the fall for the murder, but really, it's a bunch of nonsense at this point. It's one of the reasons why the show got such bad ratings because the actual motive isn't well explained. But what they did make clear is that Julio needs to take the fall for Hunter's murder otherwise they all go down. She flips out. Loomis slips up and says that Gabrielle is watching. Elena comes in and hands some paper to Marisol.

Marisol shows up at Billys hotel very upset. That's the perfect storm for some more "drinks," and maybe some "getting drunk."

Goliath Season 2, Episode 3 - Fresh Flowers

When Billy learns the name of the real shooter, he has to turn to the FBI to help him bring his elusive suspect in for questioning.

The episode also includes a subplot involving Brittany Gold (played by Tania Raymonde), a prostitute who becomes involved with Tom Wyatt. Brittany is a tragic character who serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of getting involved with powerful men.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 4 - Alo

Billy tries a risky strategy to suppress the prosecution’s two key pieces of evidence, hoping he can clear Julio’s name before trial even begins.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 5 - Who's Gabriel

Billy finally gets a witness who can exonerate Julio, but he won’t talk unless Billy can convince the prosecutor to give him a deal.

In episode 5, "Who's Gabriel," Billy discover that the boy's death was not an accident, but was instead a deliberate act of murder. They also learn that a man named Gabriel is responsible for the murder. Meanwhile, Marisol becomes increasingly disillusioned nd begins to question her own morals.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 6 - Two Cinderellas

Believing his client will soon be a free man, Billy joins Marisol for a romantic weekend in Mexico, only for his case to fall apart at home.

In episode 6, "Two Cinderellas," Billy continue to investigates Gabriel and discovers that he is working for Tom Wyatt. They also learn that Tom is responsible for the boy's death. Meanwhile, Marisol is struggling to come to terms with the moral implications of her work.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 7 - Diablo Verde

Held hostage by strangers and with no memory of how he got there, Billy has to make a harrowing escape from Mexico.

Goliath Season 2, Episode 8 - Tongue Tied

On the night of the mayoral election, Billy and his team race to take down the people responsible before they become an unstoppable Goliath.

The Verdict

This season of Goliath used violence gratuitously and unnecessarily. I had a visceral gag reflex the first time I saw Gabriel cutting off a woman's hand. I know it wasn't real, but it was disgusting. Bottom line: I hated it. The entire plot line was bizarre, and even the bad ass Billy Bob Thornton could not pull it off.