Amazon Prime Goliath Season 4 Summary [It's Good]

Amazon Prime Goliath Season 4 Summary [It’s Good]

3.5 out of 5 stars
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Here’s my Goliath season 4 synopsis and plot summary. I will try to explain the plot and the legalities as best that I can for you, but most of it is just brilliant legal strategy along the way. I should hope to write a book that is so thrilling as this season (and Goliath in general … except season 2 can drop off the face of the planet). By the way, this synopsis has a lot of spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read.

Wondering if Goliath Season 4 is worth watching? This summary will give you a glimpse into the thrilling world of Billy McBride and his latest case.
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I've reviewed each season in painstaking detail. The recaps are a lot to unpack. Like most good TV shows and movies, Goliath has a lot of symbolism and subtext. Good writing, good acting, and good all-around premise (even taking season 2 into consideration). These recaps are part of my best legal courtroom drama tv series.

Goliath Season 4 Synopsis & Plot Summary

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Goliath is a new legal thriller/courtroom drama on Prime starring Billy Bob Thornton, Nina Arianda, and Tania Raymonde. The show follows the life of Billy McBride, a washed-up washed-out attorney. At the season beginning, he’s at his lowest point. By the end, he’s also at a low point. I guess that’s c’est la vie.

Here’s the link to the show: Goliath Season 4.

Also, I intend to do a plot summary and synopsis for all the seasons.

Episode 1, Goliath Season 4 Synopsis – Hadleyville

Prime summary: Recovering from a world-shattering injury, Billy reunites with Patty at a prestigious law firm in San Francisco in order to take down the opioid industry.

Last season ended with Billy getting shot by the crazy Diana Blackwood, sister to crazy Wade Blackwood. Although, she’s probably got more like 75% of that crazy. This season does a better job of bleeding in from the last seasons, although we don’t know what happened to Diana Blackwood (did she get away with shooting Billy?) or even ex-girlfriend Marisol Silva.

At any rate, we start off with Patty basically introducing us to a new case that she got from some big wig law firm in San Francisco. She’s got this killer (literally) case of the opioid crisis. The lawsuit involves three companies, all intertwined. One of those companies already settled for $160 million, which I guess is peanuts. We also get interspersed with these weird ass dream sequences, which, frankly, don’t mean shit and are quite stupid. They are fashioned on the wild wild west (WWW). You can tell that Billy Bob was smoking some of the good stuff when writing/directing/acting in this season.

He’s in Chinatown, meeting up with some Chinese alternative medicine doctor, who “prescribes” more good stuff from his daughter, who runs a local restaurant and bar in Chinatown. We then see an apartment, also in Chinatown, which we will later find out is paid courtesy of Patty’s law firm. She bring Billy to her law firm to introduce everyone. Some people mention Tom True. Billy then does a screw ball and leaves.

He ends up in the Chinese bar and meets Sam Margolis, the daughter of Daddy Warbucks … I mean Daddy Margolis, the named partner (deceased) at the firm. The managing partner is his wife, Ava, who we will find out is Sam’s stepmother and younger than Sam. How awkward. Billy and Sam make nice-nice.

Billy then calls Brittney, to check up on Denise. We find out that Billy and Denise had some fightin’ words prior to this season and after last season. Probably because Billy is a drunken dick. We then cut to another WWW scene, making no sense. None of them make any sense. I guess it’s accurate to dreams, but it’s pretty lame in television shows.

Billy gets woken up by a telephone ringing. An old-fashioned telephone. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, telephones used to be attached to a wall by a cord. You also used to have to get on the internet via said cord. It sucked, but we didn’t have long and boring dream sequences to watch over the telephone cord, either, so there is that.

Some dude tells Billy “next to the sink, top drawer,” where he finds a pair of binoculars. We get to watch the neighbors doing neighbor-type things.

Billy then walks back to the office. For those of you who are not attorneys in big law firms, big law firms are open at all sorts of odd hours. That’s because all the attorneys who work for said big law firms are automaton robots with no life. Which now includes Patty, and kinda sorta Billy McBride. But Billy is a big wig himself, being as that he has a ton of really big wins in his past. And Patty doesn’t. So Billy kinda sorta gets to do whatever the F he wants, including walking out on meetings and showing up at goodness knows what hour.

Billy sees Rob, who shows him the deposition tapes. You gotta watch the tapes. Every trial lawyer should. Lo and behold, he finds that Tom True … that’s the partner who brought this case, and Mr. True just happens to also be the client since it was his daughter (and others situated like her) who died from an overdose of these opioids … yeah, Tom True wrote down a whistleblower’s name.

We end the show with Billy walking home at 11:54, and he meets an odd ball woman. By the way, we never figure out who this woman is. My guess is she is Frank’s dead wife. More on Frank later.

Episode 2, Goliath Season 4 Synopsis – The Pain Killer

Prime summary: Patty finds herself on the hook for Billy’s behavior as he digs deeper into the case.

We find ourselves in some weird ass “musical,” starring the bad guy, George Zax. He’s the pain killer, or the maker of the opioid that’s killing a ton of people. Patty catches up with Billy and hands him his ass. Looks like partnership-track did wonders for her stellar personality. I got a super big kick out of her. Salty and more salty, although, frankly, she’d probably be punched in the damn face if she was a real person. We cut to the next stupid WWW scene, where we learn that Billy must hop on the noon train.

Patty and Sam have a conversation, we meet the opposing counsel, who looks like a real douche bag, Billy convo with Sam to get Tom True’s keys, and then Patty and Rob have a convo together. Lots of convos here. We then see Rob and Sam waiting for a driver. “I don’t need a fucking babysitter,” says Sam. So we get the jist that they used to have some kind of relationship, but she’s a total wack so it’s no wonder they broke up.

Billy shows up at Tom’s apartment, and Tom is there. (Tom got something off the wall.) Tom then meets up with Rob and says that Sam is after him. Tom then poses the question, whose idea was it to hire Billy McBride?

Sam … turns out to another bad guy. She meets up with the Pain Killer, and we find out their deal. Sam is going to push through a fast settlement of about 1.6 billion, which sounds like a lot of money, but apparently that’s chump change to the Pain Killer. In return, she’ll get their legal business. Totally against the code of ethics here. We also hear something about the stock prices, but I couldn’t quite understand wtf they meant. I think, but I’m not sure, that they are going to release a new drug to market right after they settle. Which will drop the stock prices, and everyone does some shady unlegal stock trading stuff to buy it up, and then they will release the new drug and clean up and cash in.

Flash over to Billy, who finds his creepy neighbor Frank in his apartment. (We don’t know that Frank is Frank at this point.) Billy then meets up with the whistleblower, who hands over a bunch of stuff.

We then jump to a nice-nice-turned-not-nice-nice conversation between Sam and Rob. Why does Patty get to jump in line ahead of Rob for equity partner? Sam asks Rob if he’s heard from Tom. Rob denies meeting Tom, and then Sam leaves. She calls up the Pain Killer (or someone in the Pain Killer’s employ) to tell them that Rob denied meeting Tom. But she’s got a photo of them together. So we now know that Sam likes to have people followed around.

Episode 3, Goliath Season 4 Synopsis – Signed, William Hamilton McBride

Prime summary: As Billy and Sam grow closer, he discovers that the opioid industry is keeping bigger secrets than he ever imagined.

We start this episode with Sam and Rob’s engagement party. And a cutsie singing of a song between the bride-and-groom-to-be.

Billy, Patty, and Rob settle with the second company for $600 million when they present the whistleblower’s info. We have a big party about this because it’s great. I mean, that’s more than half a billion dollars. But not for Billy McBride. He thinks they rolled over too easy, even if they had a whistleblower. During this party, we have a meow meow cat fight between Ava and Sam.

After Billy leaves, he runs into the strange lady again at the trolley. He also has another WWW dream featuring his kid, Denise. He checks in with Brittney. After, he goes to the restaurant, where he has a strange interaction with Frank.

At the pharmaceutical company, we meet Kate. The new drug is “beyond the acceptable levels,” whatever levels that may be. So it’s no good.

Next up, Patty makes equity partner.

Billy and Sam have a nice dinner together, and Sam tries to kiss Billy. Billy wasn’t having any of it, probably because he’s had enough psycho women on his hands. I mean, the last two tried to kill him and all.

At the very end, Billy and Tom finally meet each other. Tom True shows Billy a letter, wherein Billy gave the pharmaceutical company some advice not to put the old drug on the market 25 years ago. This was the company that previously settled for $160 million dollars (I think), but I totally got the three companies confused. Anyway, Tom and Billy figure out that Sam is behind all of the foolery. Except that Frank sees the entire thing and calls someone to report on Tom’s appearance at Billy’s apartment.

Episode 4, Goliath Season 4 Synopsis – Forcibly Removed

Prime summary: Billy goes to extremes to keep the case alive, and Sam questions whether bringing him on board was a good idea after all.

This episode begins with Tom phoning into Rob to trust Billy. Except we hear what suspiciously sounds like Tom being killed.

Billy tries to quit, but he’s under a damn contract. Those pesky contracts.

In the next scene, Patty is a hot mess. We get introduced to her mother, Crystal, who is basically a piece of shit. While she’s trying to figure out how to get to a meeting, Billy and the Opposing Counsel settle on $900 million dollars.

We bounce back to Kate again, then Billy has another odd conversation with Frank. Franks says, “It’s not paranoia if you’re right.” Because Billy basically figured out that the pharma company played him like a fiddle.

Cut into another weird WWW scene.

So now we get to some meat on the potatoes. Frank and George have a huge fight. As the season progresses, we find out that Frank and George are always fighting. Mostly because George is a piece of shit. Frank reminds George that Frank still owns the pharma company.

Next up is a wonderful scene that all attorneys wish they could have, where they give the middle finger to everyone else who is a schmoe. Except Billy basically is in contempt of court (the judge drops the contempt) and is in breach of the rules of confidentiality between client and attorney. Remember that letter from 25 years ago? By the way, this is totally murky ground here, and I’m not totally positive that it’s a breach of attorney-client privilege but let’s roll with it.

Sam and George have another terse conversation where Sam looks more and more like a fool.

Crystal tries to scam money out of Patty for Patty’s brother to go to college. Patty hands over money to her, though.

George then accuses Kate, George’s son, Dylan Zax, and a troll named Fern Potter, who is basically some lackey. We find out that George hates his son. He throws some whiskey in his eyes.

Rob has a flash to Tom’s call, and Kate has someone in the office. Brittney shows up. Billy lays out the pharma’s strategy. But all the evidence of the old drug, which will be released as soon as the lawsuits are settled, were destroyed. The only copy exist at Cooperman McBride.

Episode 5, Goliath Season 4 Synopsis – Spilt Milk

Prime summary: As Billy faces repercussions from his conduct, he is forced into a truce with an old adversary.

Okay, this episode begins with some weird cartoon and television show about opioids.

Don Cooperman and Billy McBride put aside their differences to cooperate with each other over Zax pharma. Cooperman wants a piece of the pie? Not really. Don wants the Zax to pay. Don was also a victim of this opioid.

Somewhere along the way, he runs into the AG. Billy tells the AG to come to the professional responsibility hearing.

Then we go to the hearing, where Billy loses his license for a year. It doesn’t exactly work like that. Complaints need to be investigated. Then you have a hearing. And then you appeal the hearing. This stuff takes time, generally much longer than this case would have lasted. But it’s okay, Billy can’t be around Patty and the rest of the team anyway.

Dylan meets Kate, and Kate says she won’t fix the test. But she isn’t the mole. Dylan reports back to Daddy.

Ava walks in on Sam taking a bath and tries to convince Sam to take the case. Ava has a thing against Patty. Ava is also starting to figure things out. But Sam doesn’t want to litigate. She’s afraid that she’ll make the fool of herself, since she has MS and might fall flat on her face in front of the jury. A valid concern.

Another WWW dream.

Ava and Patty have a chat.

Rob quits because he wasn’t made partner.

Billy and Sam have a conversation about Tom jumping … killing himself … which we all know isn’t the truth.

Billy and Frank have another strange conversation.

Brittney tells Billy that she and Mike live together and have a cat named Cojack.

Kate gets frozen out of the company. Remember that little conversation with Dylan? Well, if you know your uncle is a douche bag, why would you say something to anyone about anything he doesn’t like? Not a shocker here, but it’s apparently a shocker to Kate.

Kate then sees Billy, and Frank spies on them.

Sam tries to take a walk to see George, and George tells her tough shit on the Billy thing. See, what Billy did could cost them (the lawfirm) $1.6 billion. Except, it doesn’t really. Because it would only really cost them in the client wanted to sue them. And the client is Tom True (and Tom True’s wife, whom I doubt would sue Margolis law firm). And you sue your professional insurance. Not the firm. Although, the insurance might not pay out for something so high. At any rate, they are a law firm. And they would negotiate a settlement for it. So it’s not a huge thing. But George totally set up Sam to take this fall. Keep her on the fishing hook.

Billy gets the files from Don Cooperman.

And Kate and Frank have a conversation. “He’s coming for you.” Meaning jerk uncle George is a gonna get Kate.

Episode 6, Goliath Season 4 Synopsis – Rundleworks

Prime summary: Billy and Patty take measures to protect a witness, while the partners at Margolis & True scramble to strengthen their case.

We see Kate as a young girl visiting her father in the mental institution. (By the end of this series, we aren’t convinced that there was anything really wrong with Frank. We’re strongly led to believe that George put his brother in a psych ward, and stole Frank’s daughter, to cover up the fact that the drug they were developing wasn’t safe.)

Rob meets Billy at a restaurant. Billy hears Tom’s voicemail. Brittney comes in to tell them both about Frank. He’s actually Arthur Frank Zax, George’s brother and lead pharma creator dude back in the day before Frank went nuts.

Frank and Billy then have it out.

Patty shows up at Rob’s place, where his baby is crying. Patty is Patty and tells Rob to get his shit together. He’s a daddy, whose baby mama has lots of llama drama, and she drops the baby off with Rob to “babysit” a lot. Anyhoo, Rob tells Patty that just because he quit doesn’t mean he isn’t helping her. Which screams Billy McBride.

Brittney and Billy rope Kate to sign off on the whistleblower paperwork. See what happens when you fire someone? Yeah. They turn on you. We then have a scene with George, Dylan, and Fern being bad people.

Patty and Opposing Counsel dude have this scene where all the negotiated deals are voided. Because they have an agreement that if Zax pharma gets voided, so do the other two. Then Patty tells off Sam, which Sam totally deserves. Patty preps the witness, Kate.

The Board threatens George because Frank is behind the Board. Frank says if Kate gets hurt, then Frank is giving his voting shares to Billy McBride.

Kate and Billy have a chat.

Brittney is followed around by Sam, who finds out where Kate is. And Kate’s on the roof because Patty is a mean bitch, who in their witness prep, pushed her a little too far. Billy goes up on the roof when he gets a text from Kate, and the security guard from Magnolis tries to push him off.

The last scene is Billy telling Frank that Kate needed a long rest. Frank knows where she is.

Episode 7, Goliath Season 4 Synopsis – Lawyer Trickery Bullshit

Prime summary: When Patty calls a surprise witness to the stand, the defense does everything they can to undermine the witness’s credibility.

The last two episodes are what we’ve all been waiting for … some bad ass courtroom drama scenes. But first, Frank visits Kate in the psych ward. The two of them kinda sorta but not really make nice nice, or at least are on the same page about George. Billy finds out that George got her committed on a 5150, or Kate’s been involuntarily committed for a 72 hour psych hold. Honestly, I’m not sure why they just don’t wait the 72 hours, but that doesn’t make for good television.

Billy and Ava meet up at the bar. Billy tells Ava that Sam has been compromised. Empowered with this knowledge, Ava tells off Sam.

Brittney distracts a guy on the tail of Billy while Billy gets into Tom’s apartment.

Patty then has an issue with her little sister. Honestly, Patty’s family drama seemed like filler after thought. But her secret meeting is with Billy. Billy tells her to use Frank instead of Kate.

Patty’s little sister tells Billy that she used to not speak to her dad, either. But he started sending pictures of dogs. And that broke the ice. It was about 20 dogs worth before she spoke to him.

Sam and Ava are in the elevator, and Sam tells Ava that she’ll be 2nd chair. Ava goes back upstairs to tell Patty.

George sees his brother Frank. George punches Frank in the face.

The next scene is a terrifically dramatic courtroom scene where Frank’s mental health issues get called into question. He’s the star witness, but he’s also crazy. Or at least that’s what George says he is. Apparently, Frank’s wife killed herself right around the time that the old drug was going to go to market. You just have to see this scene. Frank is taken down. But it shows how truly awful George is. To his brother, to his niece, to just about everyone.

Billy goes to see Sam. She still has a chance to get out of this. And then Sam hears the voicemail from Tom and has a mental breakdown.

Billy and Brittney find out where Tom was thrown off.

Last, Sam comes to see Billy. Billy is going to go on the stand.

Episode 8, Goliath Season 4 Synopsis – It’s Time

Prime summary: In a final showdown with George Zax, Billy and Patty seek justice for the victims of the opioid epidemic, no holds barred.

We have a flashback of Denise with Billy. Billy was a real drunken ass to her. So she walks out of his life. “You’re dead to me.” Totally harsh.

Brittney then tells Billy that she’s glad she came to see him, but glad that she’s leaving too. Because she can’t worry about him anymore. She’s basically telling him to go F off, which I get. Billy’s a lot to handle.

We then get a great courtroom scene with George, and an even better cross-examination from Sam. Who double crossed Zax pharma. Because she’s pissed about Tom. You see, George killed Tom. Or had Tom killed. And Sam loved Tom. Hence, why she is pissed. But, Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie still has some trickery up his sleeve. Sam and Billy were caught on camera talking to each other! A big no-no … remember that Billy used to represent Zax?

But the best part of this scene is that the Opposing Counsel opened the door for Billy McBride to take the stand and testify against Zax pharma when they show the two together. Take that, greasy Opposing Counsel dude! At the end of the day, everyone knows that Sam deposited two billion dollars as a retainer from Zax pharma. She’ll probably be charged with lots of stuff, speaking of unethical conduct.

The jury’s verdict is in. Zax pharma has to pony up $14 billion dollars. Which, honestly, is a lot of money, but George was throwing around 2 billion like it was candy, so how bad could it possibly be? He promises an appeal revenge.

We close up the show with a snap of a doggy, an awkward sorta kinda not really huggy from Patty, another WWW dream sequence where Billy’s dad tells him to get off the train (death), and Denise finally walking in to see her dad.

My Opinion

Billy Bob with the fantastic win and acting. Gets me every time. Better than Season 3, not as good as Season 4, but a good way to end the show. But, one of the best things about this series was the love/hate/I’m-going-to-murder-you dynamic between Donald Cooperman and Billy McBride, which we didn’t have in this season. I wanted more of a wrap-up with him other than just the silly cameo. Good for Brittney for finding love and moving on. Even if it is in Chicago. They obviously didn’t know what to do with Denise, so they threw in this really stupid dream sequence.


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