Repurposing Clothing into Decorations: Homemade Sweater Pillow

Repurposing Clothing into Decorations: Homemade Sweater Pillow

Beautiful pillows for a fraction of the price
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Here is another upcycled/repurposing idea for everyone: sweater pillows. Since I really needed some couch pillows, this makes for a fabulously frugal and really cool recycled clothing idea. I gave the argyle one to my sister-in-law.

Remaking a Homemade Sweater Pillow

My friend gave me an entire pile of clothing, yes, this is in addition to my already full closet full of my mother’s clothes! I can’t say no to a good clothing deal though, and free is the best deal of all. Out of that pile came a really cool men’s argyle sweater which was way too big for my husband but also way too cute to let go.

First, I cut up a regular bed pillow. We had a ton of extra down pillows in the house because my husband didn’t really like sleeping on them. I cut it in half, with lots of extra feathers left over to make a small pillow with some extra cloth from other clothing projects.

Buy-bye feathers!

Look at all those extra feathers!

Then, I pinned along the raw edge.

And I sewed it on up.

My pillow was too fat, and cause me to go off balance, so I sewed that part up too. Fortunately, no one will see this edge.

Here’s the sweater. Isn’t it cute?

I cut off the edge on one side (the side opposite the argyle pattern).

Then I cut underneath the armpits to make a rectangle. The bottom got chopped off too, where the sweater had an edge.

Next, I sewed an edge under the LEFT EDGE of the pillow. This is where you will “stuff” the sweater with the pillow.

Then, I sewed the top and bottom into place, removing the edge where I just sewed. I gave some extra room in the back of the pillow so no one would see.

Next, I sewed over the flap and hand-stitched it into place.

Now, the fun begins! Stuffing the sweater …

… or stuffing three!

The Final

See the little red one? That’s from a child’s sweater, with all that extra feather stuffing from the pillows. It was just enough to create all three.

I added some buttons from other clothing to add details, but you don’t have to.

What do you think? Don’t you just love these darling little pillows?


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