10 Unique Valentine Gift Ideas for Lawyers

For the legal love of your life.

10 Unique Valentine Gift Ideas for Lawyers
valentines for lawyers

Here's a list of 10 lawyer Valentine gift ideas. I think all of these are fun, and I'd like to receive every one of them. If you have an attorney in your life, you can buy one of them, too. :) These gifts are non-gender-specific, although you may debate me on the jewelry traditionally being for women. But, as I mentioned below, there are lots of jewelry-type items for lawyers. More than I thought existed!

Show your lawyer Valentine some love with these 10 unique gift ideas that are sure to make them feel appreciated and special.
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My Heart Belongs To A Lawyer

I really want to buy this t-shirt for my husband. Hahaha! I'm sure he would appreciate being reminded every day that I was trained to argue. :) In all seriousness, I like the color, which is perfect for the day of love. He can wear it on Valentine's Day.

I'd Never Dream I'd Marry A Super Hot Lawyer

This shirt is very appropriate, methinks. My husband is living the dream. (Or am I living the dream for marrying a person willing to marry a lawyer? Hmmm...)

This Lawyer Is Always Appealing

This insulated tumbler would be especially nice for an appellate attorney (or a law clerk who works on an appellate court). Or even a lawyer who just likes to appeal. Bonus points for the fun play on words. I also like the color. I also think that the shape makes it so it's not easy to spill, which is a bonus for anyone (especially attorneys) who deal in lots of paper.

How To Stay In Love

This book isn't exactly for an attorney. Rather, it was written by an attorney. A divorce attorney. The author basically reverse engineered what couples (who are divorcing) did wrong.

Love Wins

This book is about Jim Obergefell, who was the named litigant in Obergefell v. Maryland, the landmark Supreme Court case that legalized gay marriage. Like most Supreme Court cases, Obergefell was a bunch of different litigants (and states), but Mr. Obergefell got to the infamous one because his name is on the case.


And another love case, Richard Loving, a white man, who married Mildred Jeter, a Black woman. Aptly named Loving (I mean, seriously, you can't get better than that, amirite?), this movie is about the infamous case Loving v. Virginia, and the decriminalization of interracial marriage. Want something else to watch?

All You Need Is Love ... And A Good Attorney

Uhhh ... I'd also add wine to this list. Love, Wine, and a Good Attorney. (I just need the wine.)

Lawyer, I Love You: Law School At 48

Another book to add to the list. This one I liked a lot because I went to law school later in life, too. A number of my colleagues did as well. Looking back at my life, I don't think I would have ever passed law school if I went straight out of undergrad.


Ruth Bader was my hero. If your lawyer loved her as much as I do, then this journal would be a nice gift. And yes, I say Ruth Bader. Because I think of her like the doppelganger to Darth Vader. Just as bad ass. She was one with the force, y'know?

Scales of Justice Charm

This charm is a beautiful 10k gold justice system symbol. By the way, if you are just looking for some charms, you can buy lawyer charms. Necklaces too.

I know this was a short post today, but I thought everyone could use a bit of love for V-Day. And fun. But you know, roses and jewelry are also stand-by Valentine's Day gifts. For the men, too.