Making a Pair of Earrings from Extra Beads

Making a Pair of Earrings from Extra Beads

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Jewelry and I get along pretty well, and I especially like necklace and earring sets. I am not a big fan of bracelets or rings, though, because they bother my hands during the day. (It’s REALLY annoying to hear the clack-clack when I am typing!) So I try to figure out ways to make sets even if I don’t have a set, like this lone necklace.

Making a Pair of Earrings from Extra Beads

Cut off the top wire, and be sure to file down (with a metal file) the end poking out.

Put a bunch of beads onto a straight pin. You can easily find entire bead-making packages at Michel’s.

Bend at the top, leaving some room for a swing.

Using the pair of pliers as a guide, wrap the straight pin around the head of the pliers. Sorry for the blurry picture!!

And there you have it, a nice new set of earrings.



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