Repurposing Fashion Shirt: Upcycling a Dress, Part I

Repurposing Fashion Shirt: Upcycling a Dress, Part I

When you love the top but not the bottom of a dress
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My friend gave me these three long summery dresses. I love them, but I also hate dresses. Actually, I hate skirts too, but dresses even more. There was a time when all I did was wear dresses like these, so I was pretty stoked to get them. Until they sat in the back of my closet, for like, years. Time to remake them into something that I’ll wear!

Repurposing Fashion Shirt: Upcycling a Dress, Part I

I decided to play around with the blue one. I’m going to make myself a shirt.

Lop that puppy right off!

The strings had to be cut off too, since there wasn’t any point for them anymore. Here’s the extra material … hmmm … I’m thinking another tutorial is coming up.

Hemming the bottom is easy since this is cotton.

But it needs some fusible interface because the hem frayed almost right away.

Oh, so gorgeous! Here is Lex modeling the shirt for me.

How did the shirt turn out?


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