Repurposing Fashion Clothing: Upcycling Pants From a Dress

Repurposing Fashion Clothing: Upcycling Pants From a Dress

Make some pants
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Remember this lovely pile of scrap material from my Shirt from a Dress post two weeks ago? Well, it’s time to put that wonderful fabric to upcycling use. I’m going to make a pair of flowing, easy lounging pants. I love pants like what I envisioning.

Repurposing Fashion Clothing: Upcycling Pants From a Dress

Gotta hem the top over.

And again. Sew into place …

… and I run into my first problem 🙁 Needs a hole for the string that I cut off!

Problem is, the hole is going to fray especially with all that friction of the string. To solve this issue, I stuff some interfacing inside of the hole and ironed it to the inside of the hem. That way, the interfacing will make the hole not fray.

I sewed the string together (since it was in two parts) and weaved it through the hem of the pants.

Next up, time to make the pant legs. This is the trickiest part here because I have to generally measure where the crotch will be and then cut a triangle shape from the folded now-pants. This fold should be done on the inside of the pants, although for this pair, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. The dress originally had a slip in it on both sides, so I chose to keep it there for a funky little style.

The bottom did not need to be hemmed. I sewed up the inside side pant leg, and then ironed on some fusible interfacing. The crotch area is difficult because it goes in the opposite direction.

All done! Lex is showing off the easy pants.

And for you casual Friday office goers, this would make a terrific pants suit. Just add a little bling.


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