Panda Sugar Cookies ... It's Pandamonium Over Here!

Panda Sugar Cookies … It’s Pandamonium Over Here!

Cute AF cookies
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A few weeks ago, I blogged about making panda cupcakes, which was a huge hit. Those panda cupcakes are at over 1k pins already!! So I whipped up another panda-themed, adorable dessert. (Can you tell that I am addicted to yummy, cute-themed desserts? I mean, seriously.) These panda sugar cookies are really easy to make, with no strange ingredients. I found everything at the grocery-store in the baking aisle. You can use a ready-to-make sugar cookie package, or make use your own sugar cookie recipe.

Panda Sugar Cookies … It’s Pandamonium Over Here!

My apologies as I try to find the old images. Just like these cookies, WordPress basically ate the recipe.

And here is a full plate of yummy, adorable pandas.

I had loads of fun making these little panda sugar cookies, and we ate them in like one day. You can also save them in a plastic container. Use my grandma’s old trick, and throw in a piece of bread if you plan to keep the cookies for more than a few days — it will soak up all the staleness!

I just wanna eat these panda sugar cookies all up, how about you? 🙂

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