Jewelweed Salve Recipe: Natural Relief for Skin Irritations

The Empire Strikes Back

Weapons for your poison ivy arsenal
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Last year, discovered that we have a very nice view of our neighbor’s pond that was obstructed by a bunch of ugly trees. Unfortunately, these trees were left to grow wild for about two decades. Last year, we declared war on said trees and cut them all down. Well, if you know anything about trees (I did not), then chances are, you know that poison ivy loves to climb them. And poison ivy lasts much longer than your great aunt Betty’s fruitcake. Dogs, cats, other animals, and birdies are also not affected by poison ivy, so they spread it around. In other words, it never goes away.

Looking for a natural remedy for poison ivy and other skin irritations? Learn how to make your own DIY jewelweed salve with this easy recipe!
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So what’s I’ve been doing been this past week … very irresponsibly, I might add, so don’t try this yourself … is setting fire to the poison ivy.  This involves putting tree trunks infected with the ivy in a big pile, adding tons and tons of paper, setting it ablaze … and then running like hell. (Just as a side note: poison ivy itself is flammable due to the same oil that humans are allergic to.)

Well, here’s the irresponsible part. Poison ivy is still @^#%?*!$ poisonous when it’s on fire. If you inhale that sh*t, your lungs get poison ivy, and you basically explode.* (Hence the running like hell part.)

Aha! But I redeem myself! This spring, I decided that I needed some jewelweed. Jewelweed, otherwise known as touch-me-nots, is one of those magical plants that likes to grow in exactly the same places as poison ivy. It’s long been touted as a natural remedy to the itchies. I bought a bunch on Etsy from a very nice person doing God’s work of selling weeds that I am too lazy to find myself.

So thought that this newsletter, I would give you my recipe for Jewelweed Salve and Jewelweed Tea. Just in case you are battling your trees, too. I recently made some because my husband and I got poison ivy battling the tree stumps and logs from last year’s trees.

* Or it feels like you’ve exploded.

Some of these links may be affiliate links. Thank you for your support!

10 Steps on How to Treat Poison Ivy with Jewelweed

  1. Avoid poison ivy at all costs
  2. If you can’t, douse yourself with IvyX
  3. Complain profusely that IvyX is expensive
  4. Determine that no price is too much to avoid getting poison ivy
  5. When you forget to use it and you get infected, scratch yourself so much that you make yourself bleed
  6. Go walking near some trees to find some jewelweed that grows wild
  7. Get reinfected with the poison ivy that grows near the jewelweed
  8. Make yourself some jewelweed tea and jewelweed salve
  9. Promise yourself that you will never, ever go walking amongst trees without dousing yourself with IvyX
  10. Repeat

Jewelweed poison ivy salve recipe

Okay, this salve is super easy to make. Gather up a bunch of jewelweed: stems, leaves, flowers, and all. Chop it up with some kitchen shears. Dump in a slow cooker. Cover with enough olive oil (or jojoba oil or coconut oil or whatever kind of oil you want). Set on low for about 8 hours. Strain and add some beeswax pellets. Store in the fridge if you want. The more beeswax you add, the more lotion-y the salve will be. You can also add shea butter and really make it into a lotion.

Jewelweed tea for poison ivy

This is even easier. Do everything above, except add distilled water instead of oil to the slow cooker. You also don’t want to add the beeswax pellets. You can add some vinegar or witch hazel after the stuff cools to make it like an astringent. Or, for especially itchy poison ivy patches, soak some cotton pads with it and put in the freezer for 10 minutes. You can also just make up some ice cubes. It obviously cannot “stay” on your skin like a salve can.

Some more jewelweed recipes (including some amazing glycerin soap)

Jewelweed: The Secret Weapon Against Poison Ivy You Need to Know About
Nature’s cure for the the little bastards known as poison ivy (and poison oak).
Looking for a natural remedy for poison ivy and other skin irritations? Learn how to make your own DIY jewelweed salve with this easy recipe!

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