Refashioning a Cute Striped Shirt by Adding Lace & Making It Longer

Refashioning a Cute Striped Shirt by Adding Lace & Making It Longer

Add some details to a shirt to make it cute
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I mostly shop for things that will look good, because I’m just too lazy to follow any kind of fashion trends. This spring, however, stripes have come back into style. Fashionistas, get out all those great shirts and sport them this season! I was so psyched when I found this shirt at the Salvation Army. It fits perfectly and it’s sexy. Too bad it’s too short! Time for an upcycle into something better.

Refashioning a Cute Striped Shirt by Adding Lace & Making It Longer

Here is Lex, being very cold while modeling the shirt for me:

Since this shirt needs to be longer, I need to find another shirt to cannibalize. Into the closet we go … and we find this cami that has been sitting there for oh, about five years. Love that little rose on top. Hate wearing it to bed.

First thing is first. I have to undo the neckline. This isn’t entire necessary, but since the seam will be black against the white stripe, I have to be mindful that people are going to see it. The seam has a double line which my machine won’t do. One line is just going to have to cut it. I took the seam down all the way from one strap to the other.

After the seam is gone from the front, I cut into the neckline to make it a little more plunging.

Cutting up the cami, making sure to put enough for the new neckline.

Although I like the look of the lace against bare skin, I think the bottom of the shirt would be kind of weird looking if only lace came out. It wouldn’t be too bad if I wasn’t making the shirt longer. So I found this plain white, extra large men’s top at Walmart for $2. $2 for some fabric is a great deal. (Please, no comments about Walmart!)

Iron out my new hemline.

Pin out the top to it and sew it in.

The bottom seam is a pain in the rear end, so I’m just going to chop it off instead.

Lay out the bottom of the cami against the t-shirt.

Cut out the strip that I need for the bottom of the shirt.

Pin it in.

Sew it up!

Here is Lex, a little warmer this time:

I love it!


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