Refashioning a Skirt from a Shirt

Refashioning a Skirt from a Shirt

Sexy skirt from a form fitting shirt
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Refashioning a Skirt from a Shirt

My niece Courtney gave me this fabulous idea on Pinterest. I hunted around the Goodwill until I found the perfect shirt. So today, we’re going to refashion this one into a skirt. As soon as you figure out how wonderfully easy, and how wonderfully sexy the result is, I bet you’ll make a dozen of them.

Cut off the top, making sure there is enough at the bottom to cover your bottom.

Cut a length of wide elastic the size of your waist.

Sew the ends together.

And then sew the ends to the elastic itself. Doing it this way will create your perfect waistband. It will be enough to create a slight stretch (and keep the skirt over your hips) but not enough to make you want to puke, like most elastic waistbands do.

Next, sew the elastic to the skirt portion. You are going to have to stretch both the fabric and the elastic while stitching.

And here is the result.

What an awesome, completely fitted pencil skirt! Too easy-peasy.


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