Small Changes to a Shirt Make It Even Better

Small Changes to a Shirt Make It Even Better

When one small detail kills a shirt
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I got this shirt from the Salvation Army. There isn’t anything wrong with it, except I think it’s a little too coy for my taste. I’m not a big fan of the keyhole on the front of the shirt at all. So today, I am going to show how a small change can make something that you own into a favorite piece.

Small Changes to a Shirt Make It Even Better

Here is a closeup of the keyhole:

It isn’t bad, really, I just don’t like it.

This is going to be a relatively small and easy change. Since there is a little bow in the front, there is extra of the edging around the collar. I undid the bow, and undid the edging around the front.

Next, I made the front of the shirt into a “V” shape, by hand. The edging kind of looks like it is attached, but it isn’t.

Next, I just have to sew the edging back onto the “V” portion of the neckline. Since the material is very stretchy, I chose to do it by hand.

And then, just remake the bow!

Voila! Perfect!


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