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You can contact me through Passionfroot.

Please note:

  • I accept guest blogging posts, which will be published at my sole discretion.
  • I no longer write free book reviews. All book reviews are either through Netgalley or are paid. I also require both a Kindle eBook and a physical book. The Kindle book is for my highlighting, and the physical book is for photographs.
  • I accept three types of sponsored posts:
    • A product, service, book, movie, or television show review. All reviews are my honest opinion. I will not change my opinion just because it’s a paid post. All reviews must have an affiliate link, or the ability to have an affiliate link through Amazon.
    • A crafting or recipe post using a paid product sponsorship. All products must be reimbursed prior to the start of the post.
    • Your post, which will be written by you. All posts must have a minimum of 750 words, give a copyright license to me for all photos, have a maximum of 2 links that do not refer to an unapproved site, and will be edited by me. I reserve the right to add any internal links and to remove any links that lead to harmful or go to unacceptable websites.
  • No adult, gambling, or smoking sponsorships will be accepted.