Bosch Legacy Season 1 Recap and Review [It's Really Good]

Bosch Legacy Season 1 Recap and Review [It’s Really Good]

The Bosch duo take on justice in Legacy Season 1
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Here is my long awaited Bosch Legacy Season 1 Recap and Review. I gave this season 4 out of 5 stars, deducting 1.5 stars for Maddie Bosch’s character (played by Madison Lintz) and adding half a star for the awesome performance by Denise G. Sanchez (Reina Vasquez). Titus Welliver (Harry Bosch) and Mimi Rogers (Honey Chandler) return for a dynamic duo on the defense side of the criminal justice system.

Here is my long awaited Bosch Legacy Season 1 Recap and Review. I gave this season 4 out of 5 stars, deducting 1.5 stars for Maddie Bosch's character (played by Madison Lintz) and adding half a star for the awesome performance by Denise G. Sanchez (Reina Vasquez). Titus Welliver (Harry Bosch) and Mimi Rogers (Honey Chandler) return for a dynamic duo on the defense side of the criminal justice system.

Bosch Legacy Season 1 Review

This season was really good. It starts off with the normal everyday lives of the Bosches and Honey, with the aftermath of Honey being shot in the last season of Bosch (the regular show on Prime). It then segways into what happens when the justice system failed them because Carl Rogers gets to go free, despite almost killing Honey and attempting to kill Maddie. It then ends with a good cliffhanger … Maddie, being Harry’s child, has a nose for investigating. Which gets her into trouble.

However, the main detraction from this season was Maddie. She is NOT cop material, sorry. I just can’t get on board with her wearing the Blue. Maybe it’s because she’s about the size of my daughter … a stick figure … or maybe it’s her acting or her voice or a myriad of other physical traits that would say “unbelievable” to me. I’m not sure. All I can say is that I gave her two thumbs down.

The other thing that annoyed the crap outta me was that Harry and Maddie keep saying “I love you” every other sentence. I mean, I realize that Harry almost dies … in almost every situation he’s ever in. And Maddie almost dies, too. And Maddie’s mother did die. Lots of people died. (Of course, this is LA.) But, like, that’s too much coming from two cops. One a hard ass.

Other detractions were the lack of Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector), the unfortunate (real life) demise of Lance Reddick (Irvin Irving), and the annoying addition of our token minority, Maurice “Mo” Bassi (Stephen A. Chang).

What Book is Bosch Legacy Season 1 Based Off Of?

The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly. There are a ton of difference from the book, though. The first being that the lawyer in it is Mickey Haller, Bosch’s brother (not Honey Chandler). The second that Maddie is not really featured … so they completely made this storyline up. And the third is that there is no Maurice in it, either, so Connelly (hence, the taken minority comment).

Bosch Legacy Season 1 Recaps

Season 1 Episode 1: The Wrong Side of Goodbye

After a brief recap of Season 7 of Bosch, we begin with Maddie inside a patrol car with her partner, chasing a suspect. She catches him, but she gets her ass handed to her for leaving her partner. Pan to Honey, who is at the gun range. Then to Bosch, who basically is Bosch (in what appears to be breaking into someone’s house). He cracks into a safe, and he is talking to someone (a partner). Someone almost catches Bosch, but we find out that the partner saves the day by playing some loud jazz so Bosch can escape.

We authors like to call this “establishing the everyday life.” Hopefully, you also show the bad characteristics (what needs to change about the character).

We then see a doctor leaving the hospital, checking on a homeless person. The poor doc gets stabbed in the gut multiple times.

Maddie and Bosch at the courthouse, seeing Honey. Looks like the A-team are all on the same time, this time. Jury is hopelessly deadlocked about Rogers, who is the person who took a hit against Honey and attacked Maddie in Season 7 Bosch.

At the cop check-in, we find out that Dr. Basu was murdered (a “187”). The dude in charge also says something to Maddie about not leaving her partner. She meets her new partner, who is immediately a bitch.

Back to Bosch. We find out the client who hired him to break into the safe, who basically wanted her grandmother’s recipes. And back to Maddie, who gets yelled at a third time from the Bitch. Honey calling the ADA, who is now avoiding Honey. We meet her “partner,” Marty, who assigns her Dr. Basu’s case (or the Jeffrey Herstadt, the homeless man that Dr. Basu spoke to before being killed).

Honey at court. She wants a psych eval, doesn’t oppose no bail. But the ADA says no plea on this one.

Bosch at home. The daughter of his friend comes by to thank Harry for retrieving the recipes … lol.

Harry then visits some dude, who is going “on an interview.” Apparently the billionaire Whitney Vance wants to meet Harry, and the rich dude will pay 10k just to meet Harry. So of course Harry goes. (This is starting to sound ala The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo …)

The man of the hour. Bosch must sign a confidentiality agreement, and we are shown the gold pen. Which, because they gave a lot of words to it, is important. Vance wants some peace and redemption. He wants to find the girl whom he fell in love with in 1952. The girl was pregnant, and he was required to dump her (and the baby). All we know is that she is Mexican. Her name Vibiana Duarte, who lived on Orchard Avenue near USC. We meet Ida, Vance’s personal secretary of 40 years.

Maddie meets a friend, Paulina. They bitch about their TOs. Maddie’s TO is “tough but fair,” and might even let Maddie drive if she is trusted.

An earthquake at Harry’s beautiful residence! The windows crack and stuff. I almost cried just seeing it happen. That gorgeous house is SOL. Maddie checks in.

Harry checks out Vibiana’s address … and something else I don’t understand here, everyone in fucking LA always leaves their damn windows down. I live in Suburbia, and I refuse to go anywhere without locking up my car. Anyway, wherever Vibiana lived is now gone.

He goes to records, flashes his badge (which he no longer should have not being a detective), and tries to find a death certificate for Vibiana.

The courtroom. We are having a “competency” hearing regarding whether the “confession” of the homeless dude … who obviously doesn’t have everything playing upstairs … should be allowed. (Catatonic schizophrenia.) If it ended the investigation, then Mr. Herstadt would confess to killing JFK.

Harry is in some deep doo-doo as an inspector has “red tagged” his house from the earthquake.

Maddie and her TO responding to a domestic violence call, announce and pounce. TO kicks some ass. Maddie gets pounced by the wife but ends up getting the woman on the ground and arrested.

 Honey wants Bosch to testify for the dark side on interrogation techniques. She wants to file a Motion to Suppress. Honey leaves the disc.

Bosch tells Vance that Vibiana is deceased in 1953 by suicide. But Harry wants to keep looking for the baby, and the money is more than enough. (Not by today’s standards in LA!)

Maddie comes over. She wants Harry to make an exception for the Herstadt case. We then see Honey being all pensive and stuff. She’s suffering from some major PTSD from her gunshot. Harry shows up. She swears up a storm when Harry suggests leaving her house.

Okay, now in the courtroom. Bosch basically says the detective on the case cooked the investigation, both physically and emotionally intimidating Herstadt. The judge throws out the confession.

Harry is pissed about the DNA evidence that the ADA just springs on Honey. So you know at this point, Harry needs to solve this case because he’s pissed. When he walks back to his car, Bosch sees some dude staking him.

Honey sees that the Carl Rogers case will not be retried. Maddie is now pissed. Honey comes over for a pow wow. Honey and Harry make a pact to nail Carl Rogers “Harry’s way this time.”

We now see Ida walking. Ida finds Mr. Vance is passed out.

Season 1 Episode 2: Pumped

Harry and his partner (Maurice) fly a drone to stake out a house. Maybe Carl Rogers’s house. They are doing a total surveillance on the dude. Honey at the psychiatrist. She tells the good doctor that she obsesses over killing Carl Rogers.

Bosch wants to see the Frazen deposition testimony to see why Willy Datz changed his testimony. Honey says client confidentiality extends post mortem … and then disappears to make some coffee.

The PI that “hired” Bosch is talking about Mr. Vance passing out. We hear about an heir having a controlling seat on the board. The guy he is talking to (don’t know who it was) calls David, the bulter-guy who let Bosch inside of Mr. Vance’s house.

Bosch is watching the deposition testimony. He hears about “Wall Street,” so Harry has a hunch it’s about the Wall Street in LA, not the Wall Street.

Morning call. Talking about someone named Mr. Brown. Bosch’s hunch didn’t pan out. Bella shows up, who is the daughter of one of the other victims of Carl Rogers. Honey convinces her to take up a wrongful death case (a civil case that is like a murder case, but since it is civil, the burden of proof is preponderance of the evidence, not beyond a reasonable doubt).

Honey demands the entire file on the Carl Rogers case by the end of the week (even though he’s technically not required to).

We see some Russians. A Russian dude came in off the plane. At this point, we don’t know if the Russians are here to help Carl Rogers or to kill Carl Rogers.

Maurice tags Carl Rogers’s car and has to pay off the mechanic dude. Back to Bosch, he is trying to figure out about the birth records of Vibiania’s child. It’s going to set Bosch back $30 a pop for the records.

Honey is watching a video about Jeffrey Herstadt at a café. Herstadt is having a seizure or something. The EMT arrives. Short scene of Bosch and Maurice checking in with each other. Then back to Honey, who is talking to her assistant about Dr. Basu’s stuff.

Maddie and her TO (Vasquez) pulls over some dope heads on jaywalking. She handcuffs one of them, but her partner runs off. Maddie, having been yelled at about leaving the partner, leaves the dude. So now they gotta track down the suspect, because those cuffs belonged to the legendary Harry Bosch. They have some clues to find out “Sneezy.”

A woman is staking Carl Rogers’s girl. Republique tonight. Maddie tracks down Sneezy. Honey talks to the fire department peeps. Albert Molares is being served. He needs to come in the morning with his rescue kit.

Back to the Russians. Then to Sneezy. They let him go after retrieving the cuffs. Maddie isn’t getting written up because she has Vasquez’s back.

One of his buddies shows up. Carl Rogers phone logs and info. Dude got some big time protection while in the slammer.

At Republique. Maurice gets the car to bug it. Bosch is working on the kid case. Maurice and Bosch check in. Harry Bosch wakes up in his office. He sees his tail x2. He gets picked up by his friend (the same chick that was in the salon to get the info on Republique).

In court, Honey enters the incident report after treating Herstadt. She wants Morales to show the court the oximeter, which measures the oxygen in the blood. And lo and behold … they next person they saw was Dr. Basu. One hour and nine minutes apart. Vitals were checked with the oximeter of Dr. Basu. The oximeter was not sterilized between the two calls. DNA transfer. And Honey just kicked the ADA’s ass.

Does this scenario sound familiar at all? It should … if you watched The Lincoln Lawyer.

Carl Rogers gets a call about “our Stoli friend.” Simon Wakefield is Carl’s financial guy. Bosch goes to the place that Vibiania gave birth. He fakes a name (“Dale”) and a story to get Abagail’s address.

Motion to dismiss Herstadt’s case. Honey stares down the bully detective. Meanwhile, Bosch shows up at Abagail’s house. And yes, Abagail knows Vibiania and “his son.” The son was frail, and Vibby bonded with the baby. Heartbroken when they took him away. The boy’s name was Dominick.

Back to Honey, who is again suffering from her PTSD. We see her gunshot scars.

The Russians are doing some bad guy stuff, collecting money.

Bosch finds the baby. Dominick Santenello.

Season 1 Episode 3: Message in a Bottle

First scene, Honey has a hallucination/flashback and imagines shooting the dude who shot her when she sees the gardener.

Honey and Bosch go to see Willy Datz. They accuse him of Carl getting to Willy. Honey shows Willy a picture of Raul. They wants to know who turned Willy. Alex Ivanovich in the Russian mafia threatened Willy to change his testimony.

Maddie gets egg on her face as she misinterprets some flirty. Marty is Honey’s conscience if she is walking too thin of a line. The Marty character is annoying.

Maurice hacks into something and finds Dominick’s driver’s license, which he never renewed. Does a Google search. Bosch figures out that he was sent to ’Nam, KIA.

But now Bosch does some searching of his own and finds a girl named Olivia. He leaves an internet “message in a bottle.”

Maddie and Vasquez chit chat. Vasquez became a cop because it’s the gateway to the middle class. But when they get a call, Vasquez says, “This is why.”

Bosch talks to Vance. Vallhallah in one hour. Don’t be late. Maddie and Vasquez pick up a rape call. The poor woman describes the assailant (but not the rape part). Back to Bosch and Maurice.

And back to Maddie and Vasquez. Maddie does some initial investigation, puts up crime scene markers. And we now see her “good guy DNA,” as she puts the pieces together of what happened.

Bosch tells Vance the bad news. Vance wants to know about his son. “Humor me.” As Bosch is leaving, we see someone following him.

Maddie and Vasquez meet the SVU detective. Maddie needs to stay in her own lane. Bosch receives a call that Carl is going downtown. Back to the boot and TO. The victim is crying in the back seat of their “orca.”

Bosch is staking out Carl downtown at some kind of factory. He puts on a baseball cap, not that it would deter anyone from knowing who he is. Carl meets with the Russians, who are strong-arming him to giving 40 million. Bosch overhears the conversation. Security sees Bosch in the camera and tells the Russians. Bosch books it, and there is a chase through the factory.

Maddie comes into Bosch’s office. They make plans for Friday dinner. Bosch meets some dude (Misha) to get info about the Bratva. Over to keep Honey in the loop. At this point, I am thinking they should let the Russians have Carl. Bosch puts something together about the burner phone that Carl always called.

Vasquez yells at Maddie for giving the Thai woman (the rape victim) her phone number. Olivia calls Bosch to talk about Nick. They arrange to meet.

Honey with more flashbacks and PTSD. Bosch loses his tail, then goes to get another car. He leaves Maddie a call that he is going out of town for a week. We see creepy PI is tracking Bosch via satellite.

Season 1 Episode 4: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

We first see Maddie running, having emotions about that poor Thai woman. Now to Bosch and Honey. Honey dug up some dirt on Simon Wakefield. Simon’s son is in big time bank fraud. Honey gets a new client on a facial recognition software (wrongful arrest).

Bosch meets Olivia, the adopted sister of Nick (Dominick). Olivia shows Bosch a bunch of photos of when Nick was in the Navy. Harry looks at some of Nick’s belongings (in the garage). Of course he finds some film with pictures.

To the wrongful arrest client interview. Bosch asks for the photo guy to reconstruct the film he found. We see that Vance cannot sign his own name. Vasquez again has to tell Maddie to leave the rape case alone. Back to the photo guy. They find a girl with a baby at Hotel Del at the beach somewhere, when Nick was supposed to be in Vietnam.

Honey visits Mrs. Cheong, the armed robbery case (the wrongful arrest). The “VA” visits Olivia. Back to Bosch and Honey, they are visiting Carl Rogers and the girlfriend, serving him with a subpoena for wrongful death. Honey calls him a “malevolent fuck” hahaha.

Olivia calls Bosch to tell him about the VA (the people from the PI firm). Bosch sees the tail and calls Maurice. Honey deposes the detective about the facial recognition software. Carl gets a visit from the Russian psychopath. Back to the deposition. And Honey gets the detective by the balls because her guy is tattoo-free, while the guy in the robbery video is covered with tattoos.

Bosch gets a visit from David, who tries to strong-arm him to giving him information. Maddie is out drinking with the boots. Everyone is trading war stories. Someone asks Maddie about the rape victim, and she bolts out of there. She calls Daddy from outside the Thai woman’s house, but Maddie walks away.

Bosch sees a guy to help him out about Nick’s baby girl. Then he sees Sam (Coltrane’s dog walker) with a very awkward conversation about Yojimbo (the movie). Maurice calls about Carl on the move. 

Carl and Simon are at a diner discussing “doing another tap” with some other malevolent fucks, and we see Crate and Barrell! Whoo hoo! They follow some of the other dudes who Carl and Simon were talking about. Crate and Barrell are so Grumpy Old Men. Barrell watches some truck pull into a gate, and he wants some backup from Crate about Poly Corporation.

Honey can’t convince her client to go to trial … the city has offered 1.2 million buckaroos. Can’t say I blame the dude. That’s a whole lot of comfort when he was fired and can’t make ends meet.

Crate, Barrell, Bosch, and Honey have a pow-wow to figure out what Barrell scoped out. Bosch makes the horrible decision to try to get into the building.

Bosch goes into one of the trucks while Barrell distracts the driver. Into the wolves’ den. Bosch sends videos and stuff to Honey because he of course figures out that Carl is stealing gas or oil or whatever.

Season 1 Episode 5: Plan B

We start off with Bosch getting himself out of a Harry (erm, hairy) situation by B.S.’ing his way out of being caught by a security officer. Hint: he pretends to be the VP of security.

Harry and Honey are together, discussing what is the deal-io. “Tapping into a second hot line” is off the charts dangerous. Carl Rogers needs a new baseline.

Brief bit with Maddie being a cop. Back to Bosch, looking for bugs in his office. He calls Mr. Vance. And we see David, who deletes the voicemail that Bosch left. Ida comes in to watch Mr. Vance, who is barely hanging on. Ida reads the last passage of the book laying on his end-table, The Dead. I think she confesses to being in love with Mr. Vance.

Honey busts in when Simon is with his son, Garret, and his grandchild. She wants to know when Carl is going to set the second tap. But of course, the Russians are watching the entire interaction.

Maddie being a good cop, but the homeless chick doesn’t want to stay in the homeless shelter.

Bosch at some place, getting info about Nick. Bosch finds Halley Lewis and came home.

Honey is trying to negotiate with the feds about Carl Rogers to testify against the Bratva because she wants Rogers to live to a ripe old age and suffer.

Bosch describes a kill switch (all the evidence inside of a tunnel) about the gas-stealing operation. Harry wants Maurice to figure out how to make the switch to blow the whole thing up “at the right time.”

Bosch gets a call from the Thai woman, Preeda Saetang. Preeda wants to get info about security for her house. Bosch meets with Halley Lewis to ask about Nick’s kid. Back to Maddie, inspecting Preeda’s apartment. 

Halley reminisces about Nick. Bosch shows the picture of Nick’s girl and kid. He gets a clue about the girl. Surfrider at Oceanside, and she was a reporter. 

Simon calls Honey. Tick Tock, Mother F’er. One of the dudes about the gas stealing thing says something about shutting down the pipeline. The A-Team figures out the remote for the IED. Back to Simon … getting killed by the Russian. And then Honey, knocking on Simon’s door … she is, of course, going to find him. But she calls (and then retrieves) Simon’s cell phone instead of calling the police. Carl goes to the Russians, who threaten him again.

The Bosches eat lunch. Maddie tells about Preeda’s call. “At the end of the day, you have to decide what kind of cop you want to be.” And Harry looks at the TV and learns that Vance is dead at 80. 

Quick succession of scenes: Carl Rogers’s lawyer brings a request for a deal. Honey wants that jerk in the same room as they negotiate. David Sloan calls to fire Harry. Quake repair dude is at the house. Bosch let earthquake coverage lapse. Maurice has the SIM card from the phone. The tap is happening at 8-10 that night. Maddie looks up the neighborhood watch thing, maybe finds something.

Vance’s controlling shares should pass smoothly to the Board. Honey calls Bosch to give some updates on the Simon text messages.

Maurice walks Bosch through stealing the key fob signal. Bosch staking out Carl’s business place. Bosch has trouble getting within 50′ of the signal, though. Honey does something that appears to be important. Maurice and Bosch create a diversion so Bosch can get to the signal.  Bosch then runs through tunnels.

The other bad dude is talking, and Bosch walks up to him to grab the signal. They get it, and BOOM Shaka Laka. Maurice and Bosch drive off into the night.

Honey and Carl are negotiating. Honey is cool as a cucumber when Carl’s texts come through. Honey lays down the law about the Bratva. And a happy day in H&H land as Honey gets double the opening offer for her client, and Carl agrees to confess to everything so he doesn’t have to face the Russians again.

Season 1 Episode 6: Chain of Authenticity

Honey takes Carl’s attorney’s lawyer’s call. (Wow, that was a lot of possessives. The attorney visits Carl. Lawyer says “Our friend has the seal.” And gives Carl some white powder.

Maddie is upset that Carl is going to get leniency, but Honey is happy. Russians grab Carl’s girlfriend. The main creep Russian tells the girlfriend that he will crush Carl for her.

Bosch sees himself in the paper. Back to Carl, who just brewed a fresh cup. Bosch gets “hired” by Honey to look up Dr. Basu’s real killer because the detective who coerced a confession from Herstadt is still out there.

The Russians see someone else who is a bigger scumbag than them. Matthew comes back and tells Honey that the blueprint is for shipping containers, with tracking numbers.

Feds watching Carl are asleep. Russians are threatening the lawyer to find out where Carl Rogers is. The Fed tells Honey that Carl and the attorney fled the country. The shipping containers are going to take Carl to Vietnam, but unfortunately, the attorney won’t be joining him.

Honey and Bosch go to check out the shipping containers, different places. The container was already picked up an hour ago. But Honey wanders into a building, and she is stuck when the Russians drop off Simon. (All I’m thinking about right now is turning off the sound to my damn phone!!!) One of the Russian dudes goes inside the shipping container they just put the lawyer in. And Carl shows up. Honey and Bosch says bye bye.

Maddie in a 10k race. The cop she flirted with earlier flirts with her again. Bosch comes home and finds the antique pen and Mr. Vance’s will. Marty and Honey talk about Carl. Maddie finishes just shy of the record.

Honey reads Mr. Vance’s will, and Ida inherits $10 million. They need to secure the chain of authenticity (that the holographic will is authentic). Harry meets the coroner, that it “might be” foul-play.

A duo of cops flip lights on, Maddie’s boot friend Paulina is shot. Maddie is told to stay put. The station is chaos. Harry Bosch puts the will in his bank deposit box. Maddie goes to see John Mankenzie. He wants Maddie to notify the parents about Paulina. Harry hears that a rookie female patrol cop is shot in Hollywood, so of course he thinks it is Maddie and totally freaks. We see a flashback about Bosch telling Maddie in school about her mom. Bosch then sees his tail.

Honey shredding things. Maddie giving notification. Bosch arrives at John Creighton’s house (the head of the PI firm) to tell him to knock it off. He then sees Maddie, gives her some emotional support. Ends up telling her about how he met Maddie’s mother (book 1 of the Bosch series, btw). 

Next, we finally see J. Edgar! Harry hands Edgar the original will, which will be booked into evidence on one of the Edgar’s cases. 

Season 1 Episode 7: One of Your Own

James Sharp, a gang member, is the suspect in Paulina’s shooting. The cops are taking dinner slots for the family. Honey at the psychiatrist, talking about Carl Rogers. She explains that she thought she would get herself back by getting rid of Carl.

Willy Datz gets shanked in prison. Hasta la vista, baby. Marty accuses Honey that she had Willy murdered. (At this point, Honey’s conscious is a pain in the ass.)

Bosch talks with Dr. Shipman, who was Dr. Basu’s protégé. He then has a run in with Detective Gustafason (the detective Bosch testified against in the Herstadt case).

Maddie and Vasquez take a code. The gang unit lady drops by, and Bosch wants to talk about Gustafason. Woman calls him “an elephant hunter” … a publicity hound. Honey under fire from some detectives in Willy Datz’s murder. Bosch and Vasquez check on another Thai Town rape, same M.O.

Bosch walks through the homeless camp. He meets a dog walker, who saw a Baylor Bear on the front of the hoodie of the guy who stabbed Dr. Basu.

Marty heckles Honey some more. She calls Bosch to give some advice in dealing with the feds. He finds a bug in his office.

A woman calls her mother for money, but Mrs. Davis says the boyfriend is not getting any money.

Back to Bosch, interviewing Dr. Basu’s daughter, and Mrs. Basu is pissed because Gustafason said Bosch let the killer get off. But the daughter isn’t so quick to judge Bosch.

Preeda drops by Maddie’s office. She messes up though because she says everyone is all hands on deck about the cop shooter. Bosch gets accosted by the FBI, who wants to “take a ride.” We now see Mrs. Davis, talking to someone from the LAPD. They will set up a cash drop to try to get Sharp.

Honey talks to Arraya, who gives major props to Honey for playing Willy. He won’t tell her how the feds found out about Arraya. The chatter is that the Russians weren’t too happy that Willy spoke to Honey.

Maurice and Bosch. Halley calls Bosch. He remembered the name of the paper. La Raza. Mr. Corwin drops by to fire Ida (with a generous severance package).

Maddie goes to one of the detectives (not Preeda’s case) about the cut screens in Thai Town. Maddie volunteers herself and Vasquez to canvas.

Marty tells Honey that they found Willy’s killer, Gregor. The detective about Sharp don’t want “collateral damage.” Maddie and Vasquez is on the money drop.

Simi Valley detectives drop by to talk to Bosch, who wants to trade information. Bosch tells a lie about who he was hired to find. Those detectives threaten him, so fuck them.

Bosch goes to La Raza to find Vance’s heir. He sorts through hundreds of photos … and he finds a picture of Nick. The photographer is Gabriela Lida.

Detective is on the search for Sharp. Sees the daughter who is being held captive. Stake out on Sharp. Cops initiate a stop … ends in a pursuit. They crash. They order Sharp to show his hands, someone yells gun, and they all shoot. Dead. Now a big ass scene. 

Bosch finds Gabriela, who definitely loved Nick. She had a baby girl, Vibiana. Vibby has a son. Unfortunately, David now saw Gabriela.

Season 1 Episode 8: Bloodline

Bosch has a flashback about meeting his father, who is not a total ass but isn’t that nice upon finding out his first born son knows who he is.

The officers are being interviewed about the officer-involved shooting. Maurice is over to look at Bosch’s bug. Bosch wants to keep it because it may be handy later on. Maddie is being interviewed. TO and Maddie were 4th in line, eyes on the passenger (the girl). We learn that there was a gun in the car, and they are running ballistics to match Paulina’s shooter.

Harry and Honey chatty chat about the will and heir. Honey wants to file a wrongful death suit on the girlfriend’s son on premeditated retaliation. Maddie and Bosch talk about SIS (the people who shot Sharp). 

Back to Bosch, who learns something from his newfound toy called Google. Dr. Rendon is apparently in some kind of trouble. Gabriela calls, and Bosch pretends it is Maddie for the bug.

Honey sees Nicole’s mother (Sharp’s girlfriend). They find out that Morrison was the detective who came to their house.

Bosch and Maurice give each other some ribbing. Honey calls Detective Morrison about Nicole’s death. Maddie and her flirty flirt some more. She says she is bringing Paulina’s stuff to the mom after her shift. Honey on camera about Nicole’s death.

Back to Bosch and Maurice in the florist van to visit Vibby, a local artist. He drops the bomb that her grandfather was a billionaire. They need a DNA. Vibby knows they are talking about Whitney Vance. Bosch tells her that this money could affect some real change. She says fuck it, let’s do it.

Honey. Matthew says Sharp threatened Nicole’s son if she didn’t cooperate, and Spencer Cosgrove is the lead SIS officer. Honey calls Maurice for some help. Bosch and Maurice take off in the flower power van.

Maddie and her flirty are with Paulina, when they see Honey on the news about Nicole. Bosch tells Honey about finding the long-lost heir of Vance, which the two evil peeps on the Vance board overheard.

Back to Maddie and her flirty go inside her house and do more than flirt.

Mr. Rendon, who tells Bosch about the concerns in Dr. Basu’s clinic about the narcotics. Rendon says he called Gustafason to tell him what he knew but was ignored.

Honey see Nicole’s sister, who says Nicole and Sharp were on an off for the last two years. Gabriela, Vibby, and son are being spied on by David.

Maurice tries to look up some records … but the clerk says no can do because divorce records are sealed. Cosgrove had a TRO (temporary restraining order) that was not sealed, though. Cosgrove goes to the detective and says they need to stay together on it.

Bosch has lunch with a pathologist on Dr. Basu’s case. The killer had some military or medical background because they stab wounds were so precise. Vibby calls and says a man is stalking her. Bosch sneaks up on David and throws a punch back. But Sloan is on Bosch’s side. They need to move the family soon.

Cosgrove and the missus got into a fight (the TRO). Maddie tells Vasquez how “lovely” Perez (her flirty) is when they see someone standing outside a window taking video of a girl.

Off to the detective, he is listening to the phone call. Nicole says the gun is in the trunk.

Detective Coleman (the peeping Tom case) got the dude dead to rights. Congrats to Maddie. Bosch and Honey speak about the blood money (Vance’s inheritance). 

And we pan in on some psycho hit woman. Mr. Creighton visits her to pay her to kill someone.

Season 1 Episode 9: Cat Got a Name?

Killer Girl is staking out Bosch’s office. Who else can get inside his office? Seems a bit of a far stretch for a former cop’s office. The B-man is out taking Coltrain for a walk and sees Killer Girl pretending to be a maid. He takes a sniff and then realizes that the maid was Killer Girl. Meanwhile, Honey runs to the DNA testing place.

Bosch finally sees Ida, who tells Bosch that Mr. Vance had a handwritten will. Bosch says he is the executor, and Ida inherited $10 million.

Honey and her team talk about the Nicole shooting. At the morning meetup. Luchador mask. Recanvas the neighborhood. Vasquez speaks up and the LT assigns her point for speaking. Maddie is excited. And they canvas. Maddie sees some inspection notice and calls.

Honey talking to the attorney about SIS “coordinating testimony.” Cosgrove is no smoking gun. A cop’s cop.

Back to Maddie, who finds the mask in a dumpster. After they drive back to the precinct, she calls Preeda. (Seriously, you don’t do that shit.)

Killer Girl is checking out some electrical work, probably to cut a line. An electrical fire at the DNA lab. Honey at the psychiatrist. She has the classic naked dream, and then a classic wake-up-but-it’s-a-really-a-dream dream. The psychiatrist thinks she feels guilty of something.

Bosch gets some really good numbers for selling his house. Honey goes to a different DNA lab. Maurice sees that Dr. Vince Shipman wrote the most scripts by a mile. Bosch finds out that all the scripts are fake. Cheech and Chong are at his doorstep again, asking about Vance. They are a bit nicer to him this time around. Vance has a faint petechial hemorrhaging, undetermined.  They do a Silence of the Lambs style back and forth questioning. And they drop that the flashy gold pen was there, when he was dead. He sees it in the crime scene photos.

Honey and Bosch are at Ida Porter’s house. He calls someone to show up in 30 minutes. Honey hands Ida the affidavit that she needs to sign. He hands Ida the gold pen, and she signs. Bosch and Honey talk to Ida about murdering Mr. Vance. Ida says she wrote out the will according to Mr. Vance’s wishes, but then Ida wrote out herself a $10 million check. She confesses murdering Mr. Vance because she altered the will.

The detective shows up at the Davis’s house. David at the Vance corp. Detective gets interviewed about Nicole and Sharp. He says Nicole was a victim.

Kurt Dockweiler calls Maddie about the inspection notice as he is stalking her on the internet. Maddie goes to Bosch to get some help on the rape cases. Maurice takes some photos about what looks like a drug deal. (I think it’s the good doctor.)

Sloan gives Bosch the recorded convo, and the Killer Girl takes some photos. Honey and Bosch talk. The DNA is a match. Killer Girl hands the photos over, saying she will take care of it.

Vibby calls, and Harry freaks out. Vibby and kid book it out of there. Killer Girl is on the loose. She conveniently hears a door close upstairs. Killer Girl is in the studio, while they two of them are running around. Chase sceneeeeeeeeee. 

Season 1 Episode 10: Always/All Ways

Vibby is desperately text messaging Bosch. (I really hope you turned off the sound on your phone!!!!!!!) Bosch sends the elevator up, which distracts Killer Girl. Bosch gets them outta there, Killer Girl is left standing holding the bullets.

Honey files something and compels the city to release the footage. Vasquez and Maddie see the inspector, Mr. Dockweiler. Maddie just wanted to say thanks.

Maurice looking at all the cams, Bosch sees Maddie. They look at the feeds at Vibby’s place and see Killer Girl. Maurice hands him the film about Dr. Shipman selling drugs.

Vasquez and Maddie. Bosch goes to Honey and is pissed about Maddie being in the spotlight. Vasquez and Maddie answer a call. Maddie takes the hand of some dude shot multiple times as he is dying. (Is it horrible that all I can think about is HIV?)

Bosch gives Gustafason all the evidence about Dr. Shipman. Maurice calls. Found some footage, sees Sloan being executed. Bosch grabs Creighton.

We see a flashback of Afghanistan. They snag someone for questioning. Present day, with Creighton. Creighton has to set up the Killer Girl to go to one of Vance’s houses. He sends the drone picture of two people at the house.

Honey lays it all out for the detective that Cosgrove planted the gun. Maurice and Bosch talk some electronic shop. Harry and Honey speak. For whatever reason Bosch tells Honey that he’s about to do something dangerous.

Meanwhile, Maddie is calling Bosch. She turns on the water, takes the gun out of her bag. Honey shows up. Maddie is pissed about the trial.

Bosch sees Killer Girl walking up to the house through some high tech night vision thingie. Killer Girl is fooled by the sound. Bosch kills her, then wraps her up in some plastic.

Sarge talks Maddie’s ear off. Vasquez hands her the keys for the first time. Honey talks to the detective, they hope they don’t regret this lawsuit.

Vibby, son, Bosch, and Gabriela. They are going home. Honey in front of the reporters, announcing that they will challenge the Vance estate. Bosch taking them home. Creighton offers Bosch a job, and Bosch tells him to fuck off.

Maddie and Bosch together. She says she got to drive today. Maddie says when she can’t reach Bosch, it scares her. She “yells” at her dad for not answering her calls. We then see her go back home, normal routine. Insert: some ominous music.

Harry at the art gallery. He tries to reach Maddie, who is supposed to show up. Honey shows up. Harry and Honey have an argument about the lawsuit. Just as a side note, I think that would be a possible conflict of interest there. Harry calls Maddie again. He decides to go over to her house (breaking the door in the interim) … and he sees a cut screen. and the OH SHIT MOMENT HAPPENS.


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