Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Recap and Summary

Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Recap and Summary

4 out of 5 stars
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Last week, I reviewed The Lincoln Lawyer (both the book and the movie: read it here), so I decided to do a review of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 television show that just popped up on Netflix. Read on for the full review, recap, and in-depth summary from the perspective of a lawyer. I rate this season 4 out of 5 stars.

Last week, I reviewed The Lincoln Lawyer, so I decided to do a review of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 television show that just popped up on Netflix. Read on for the full review, recap, and in-depth summary from the perspective of a lawyer.
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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1


Watch it on Netflix here.  Or if you don’t want a Netflix subscription, you can buy the season on Amazon. The first episode is free.

When the show first began, I didn’t think too much of Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. I hate to be like this (because diversity in acting, as well as writing, and well, life … it’s important), but I don’t care for his accent. I have nothing against Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, he was often hard to understand. Which means he wouldn’t have an accent … Texan, Mexican, or otherwise. I also didn’t think the acting was good in Episode 1. It wasn’t bad … but it wasn’t good, either. Lorna really got on my nerves, too. 

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, btw, was Gabriel in that simply awful Goliath Season 2 (read the recap and summary here). But I won’t blame Manuel. If I could act alongside the indominable Billy Bob Thornton, I would. No matter if the script sucked rotten eggs.

I’m also not so sure how I feel about him being a recovering drug addict from a surfing accident. Although, I do think it’s super hilarious because Gabriel was a drug king pin in Goliath.

That brings me to my next point. At the end of the movie (and book 1), Mickey is shot by a crazy lunatic mother. Kinda like one of the crazy lunatic people in this show. He doesn’t surf. So it would have been nice if the show tied into the movie and book rather than come up with some lame reason for him being addicted to drugs. People know and love the movie. It was stupid (and confusing) that they changed the reason for his drug addiction.

However, as the season progressed, I liked it more and more. I don’t know if I was just used to his voice, or he got less of an accent by the season ending because of all the English he had to speak, but I could understand Manuel more. Not perfectly. I was lucky we had subtitles and I could rewind Netflix. And Lorna became less annoying as time went on, too.

Despite all of this, my biggest issue with Manuel was that he wasn’t “suave.” Mickey Haller has a lot of personality. He’s not just quick minded, but he’s quick witted. I felt that Manuel struggled with that part … his personality came off quick wooden … due to his English skill. Humor is one of the hardest aspects to learn in language.

I am looking forward to Season 2.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Official Trailer

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1, Episode 1: He Rides Again

Following a personal and professional spiral, Los Angeles defense lawyer Mickey Haller receives an unexpected opportunity from a fellow attorney.

We begin with some dude walking through the parking garage. Someone walks up and shoot him, execution-style, right through the windows and then takes the briefcase.

Pan into Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), who is sitting on the beach and having some flashy backs of a surfing accident. Answers a phone call from Lorna (Becki Newton). The Presiding Judge Mary Holden wants to meet with him, and Lorna hands him his ass to suit up. (Note: I really disliked how Lorna yelled at him.)

Maggie McPhearson calls while Haller is driving around in his ’63 Lincoln Continental convertible. (The Husband says it has suicide doors, and you can’t touch it for under $132k.) She’s calling to remind him to pick up Hayley (their daughter).

Mickey meets Lorna, who preps him because the Presiding Judge assigns cases. The judge wants to know why he’s called the Lincoln Lawyer. She wants to know about Jerry Vincent, who was the victim that was shot in the first scene. Mr. Vincent willed his practice to Mickey 10 days prior, including Trevor Elliott trial. The judge wants to know why he hasn’t been practicing in some time, and we hear about his surfing accident (18 months ago).

Of all the lawyers out there, why Mickey? The judge transfers the clients over, and she wants bi-weekly updates on all his cases. Let me just tell you, I don’t believe this transaction for a hot minute. I could believe transferring public defender cases or juvenile cases (like a GAL case). But not a regular practice. Anyway, that ranting aside, I’m going to assume they are public defender cases or whatever. Stuff a judge would assign out.

Mickey and Lorna arrive at the office, which is a mad house criminal investigation. Mickey kicks everyone out because, uhhh, he now owns the damn place and they don’t have a warrant. Which pisses off the detective, who asks where Mickey was the previous night (because inheriting an entire practice … which shouldn’t be totally f’n weird, right? … is motive for murder). C’mon now, bruh, check out that lead.

Now the pair out to lunch, but Mickey has to book it to go to a hearing. For a defendant who was just dropped into his lap. ADA is bitchy bitch and won’t allow a continuance. But he was granted the continuance for the next day at 10 due to the emergency of the situation. Mickey meets with Izzy Letts (the defendant in the case that just got continued). Jerry wanted to put Izzy on the stand to show what a good person she turned into since snatching the necklace.

Lorna gives a low-down (over the phone) on Elliott. He has a 3 o’clock with his new client (Christopher Gorham). Elliott is an asshole, who has zero compassion that his attorney just got murdered. On the way back to the office, he passes where Jerry was killed. Cisco (Angus Sampson) sneaks up behind him. Mickey books it out of there to pick up Hayley. Apparently, they are trying out for joint custody.

Back to Lorna (and Cisco). They hint around that they will get married.

Mickey and Hayley having dinner at a place that looks suspiciously like Bosch’s house. Their chatter is mostly inane. Detective Raymond Griggs (Ntare Mwine) shows up. The detective really wants to see the client files and suggests that Mickey will be next (because the killer took the briefcase not the wallet or car).

People v. Izzy Letts (Jazz Raycole), and some forensic dude is there. But … grand theft requires that item is worth over $950, and the necklace is a fraud. Which the wife doesn’t know about. And neither does the appraisal certificate for the insurance company. The court is dismissed. She needs to pay off Mickey’s debt by being his driver. They are in a real car now.

Mickey shows up at what I presume is Elliott’s house. They walk the scene. Elliot apparently had positive gunshot residue on his hands. Cisco tells Mickey about the marriage. Elliott calls. Elliott tells about his gaming company. He tells something about the “uncanny valley,” which makes the gaming characters more real-like. Without Laura (the wife he allegedly killed), there is no magic. And Mickey lands the biggest client of his life.

On the drive back, Izzy tells Mickey they are being followed.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1, Episode 2: The Magic Bullet

A high-profile murder trial sends Mickey scrambling to find evidence for his defense, while Maggie offers him a chance to help rebuild her trust.

Izzy tries to lose whoever is following them in a sorta-kinda-not-really high speed chase. Lorna doesn’t like Izzy. Jerry didn’t have too much for the defense. Mickey is due back in court in Englewood. 

Quick shot of Maggie, then back to Mickey. Mickey asks Maggie about the prosecuting ADA in the Elliott case. The dude is undefeated.

In the courthouse jail. Maurice the cop hates the defendant, Terrell Coleman (Terrell Coleman). Speaky with Lorna, everything is a mess. On the way home, he sees a car parked across the street, which of course takes off before he could see anything. Lorna found an investigator, Bruce Carlin, ex-LAPD. Haller wants info on the other victim, Jan Rilz.

Talking with Judge Holden to get authorization into Jerry’s business accounts, and then he mentions Raymond Griggs. He hands the judge an order to give some people (within the files) to the police because Haller might be in danger.

Cisco and Carlin meet. Jerry pulled Carlin off the case. Jerry was acting funny. Jeff Golantz (Michael Graziadei) comes in the door to try to talk to Maggie to grease her for some info on Haller.

Mickey and Lorna in the office discussing stuff. Cisco tells Mickey that Carlin knew more than what he was letting on. Basically they know nothing. The ballistics expert wasn’t even hired.

Maggie asks Mickey to pick up Hayley from school. He meets Griggs, exchange the list of peeps for some information about what was up with Jerry.

Lorna at the beach. She went to go check out information on Jan Rilz. Yoga instructor is pissed about Lorna trying to fool her. Jan was sniffing around lots of other women. Picked up Hayley, who wants to watch her dad in court. In court, Terrell doesn’t accept the plea deal. No body camera footage, but they have an ATM camera footage instead. They came to an agreement after all. Time served, totally expunged.

Dropping off Hayley. They have a discussion about Mickey being more in Hayley’s life. Back at the office, Lorna figures out that she can print stuff off of the copier that Jerry was working on. A motion for continuance … because Jerry didn’t have shit. The next day, in judge’s hearing … talking about a continuance. Trevor jumps up and says no. Elliott signed a deal for investors. So he can’t continue the trial. Haller says he will be ready for trial next week.

Mickey speaks to Jerry’s secretary, Wren Williams (Mageina Tovah). The only thing Jerry ever said was that he had a magic bullet … the thing that blows the prosecution case wide open. And then we go to a cutscene, where someone is listening in on everything in the car. 

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1, Episode 3: Momentum

Mickey looks for a link between the Trevor Elliott case and his mysterious new client, Lorna chases down a lead, and Cisco voices security concerns.

Mickey says you better fake it ’til you make it. Two hours ago Kym Wagstaff (Paloma Esparza Rabinov), who was arrested for walking around naked. He got the charges dismissed because there wasn’t a complaint about her being naked. He will be back in court in the afternoon for Eli Wyms. But there is no file on Eli Wyms.

Maggie at a grand jury, about some Filipino workers for Mr. Soto. Detective Lee Lankford (Jamie McShane) and Maggie have a convo about rushing the grand jury because Mr. Soto has a flight out the next day for the Phillipines. Mickey shows up. He doesn’t trust Lankford. Hayley has a game on Saturday.

Mickey and Griggs. They got the first lead about Jerry’s murder. 

Cisco. The other private eye (Carlin) had a bunch of blues outside his house. Eli Wyms had multiple counts for attempting to kill police officers. The dude has some mental health issues. On the way out, he sees that Izzy is sleeping in her car. Cisco got some security footage from the casino that Jerry kept going to. Jerry was handing some papers to a dude. Bruce Carlin is in the wind because maybe Carlin knows who killed Jerry. Mickey says something about Griggs’ suspect. Cisco gives Mickey a gun 100% legal.

Joanne Giorgetti (Christine Horn) and Mickey in court, giving the 411 on Eli Wyms. They agree to take Wyms off his meds so he is competent to take a plea deal.

Lorna and Wren talk, Lorna thinks she found something. Mickey buys Izzy some dinner. Lorna meets with the woman who wrote Jan a check. Jan wanted to start a yoga retreat in Joshua Tree.

Mickey shows up at Casey’s to pay his respects to Jerry. Mickey gives a speech then goes to sit down by himself. Lankford walks up and acts like a dick. Lankford asks about Jesus Menedez in Calipatria. Ruh roh. He takes two drinks. Izzy walks in, brings him some coffee. Mickey asks if Izzy is sleeping in her car. She used to be a dancer with some big pop stars until she hurt herself and got addicted to drugs. 

Elliott and and Mickey take a drive in a very expensive car. They talk the gunshot residue on his clothes. Elliott wants to take the stand. He’s not wrong about trial by Twitter, btw. Maggie and Lankford pick up Soto.

Elliott walks Mickey through the day of the murder. Mickey asked about the cameras. Mickey was trying to prep Elliott.

Cisco talks about Neema Shavar (Melanie Benz)’s affair with Jan. Neema’s husband, Anton Shavar (Jonathan Avigdori), runs a private investigative firm. You know, the type that can bug people’s cars. Mickey goes through all the stuff they have. Then he see Wym’s case. There’s something about Wym’s case that is important.

Mustache guy shows up. Mickey runs away, grabs the gun, and shoots around a few places. He calls Griggs.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1, Episode 4: Chaos Theory

After a close call at his office, Mickey hashes things out with Detective Griggs. A witness in Maggie’s human trafficking case has second thoughts.

Griggs shows up with the photo. Yeah, that’s the guy chasing Mickey. Maintenance guy shows up with two guns pointed at him lol. Mickey buys Griggs a steak so they are making kissy kissy and making up. Mickey figures out that Griggs set him up with the entire thing to scare the shit out of him. Griggs wants to make Mickey a target. Yeah, he’s in. And a reporter picks up that they had all the Jerry’s file.

Lorna talks with the building manager, who wants to throw them out because of the shots fired. He is representing Sam Scales (Christopher Thornton), a fraudster who also is a hacker.

Maggie and Soto’s defense attorney. Angelo Soto (Reggie Lee) has bail set at $2 million and wears an ankle monitor. The witness in this case is having cold feat. Trevor dodges a call from Mickey to play with his drone. Izzy and Mickey go to the psych ward. Wym wants out. Carlin in a convenience store, sees that Mickey is ready to go. Carlin calls Mickey, wants to meet. Lose the SIS, though.

Maggie sees David Loresca (Anthony A. Kung), her informant about the human trafficking case. She tries to convince him to still be in it.

Izzy and Mickey. Haller drops that Elliot might be a “unicorn,” like his last client Jesus Menendez. The pair do a sneaky sneak, probably with Haller in the backseat of Izzy’s car. She drives him to Cisco, driving Lorna’s car. They try to meet up with Carlin, but Carlin got spooked. They figure out that the Lincoln was bugged. They leave the bug in there.

Carlin is in a car when the police show up, but they are after a domestic disturbance. At the soccer game. And then he ambushes Jo at the soccer game. Sam is there in camo and his wheelchair. 

Lorna figures out that Carlin is using someone’s identity named Wayne Banks. Mickey got a great plea from Wym. Wym told him why he was firing at the police. Elliott finally touched base. Carlin again. Cisco found him. 

Maggie and Hayley in the car. Lankford calls. Maggie’s witness was shot, probably going to die. Back to Carlin, who runs through a stop light and gets picked up. There is a huge situation. And Carlin backs up into a car and dies. Griggs shows up to ream Mickey out. Hayley calls. Maggie is upset. They go in for the kiss but break it off before it gets big (and Hayley sees).

Izzy at the meeting, Mickey shows up. 

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1, Episode 5: Twelve Lemmings in a Box

Trevor’s demands during jury selection frustrate Mickey, who reaches out for some unorthodox help. Cisco uncovers another person with a motive.

Mickey brings Elliot for a chili dog. He does not want to hire a jury consultants. Izzy takes Mickey to The Viper Room (the place where River Phoenix died). A poker game is in progress. He hires the winner of the hand because she’s an excellent reader of people. On the way back, he calls Maggie.

Janelle Simmons (Kim Hawthorne) gives Maggie a hard time because her witness was killed. Maggie needs to charge Soto with the killing of the witness or they all drop the charges.

The A-team goes through “it could have been this guy” defense. Apparently, Anton came to Jan’s house and started threatening because Jan was sleeping with his then-wife, Neema. 

Cherry (Amelia Brantley) walks in. She’s pissed because Mickey ghosted her while he was in a drug-induced blitz. He needs to find Glory Days. She is into the counselor, but he walks out.

Jury duty. A silly movie about jury duty … which, btw, is actually what happens in lots of cases. They got this jury stuff down correctly. And yes, almost everyone hates jury duty. He explains to Izzy that he wants 12 lemmings in a box. The DA has a computer. Mickey has colored pens and post-its.

The two have an argument about who will decide about the jurors. Mickey writes everything down and puts the jurors in a chart. The ADA types the information into a computer system, which more than likely finds the people and all their social media history. Mickey explains voir dire to Izzy in between the actual jury selection. 

Back to Maggie and Lankford. Something is brewing. Cisco ambushes Neema. More jury selection. Lorna runs in the middle of jury selection. Mickey is playing the ADA and wrote a star next to some names that the defense wants to get rid of.

Izzy feels bad for getting her ex-girlfriend hooked on drugs. Ted (from the motorcycle gang) shows up. Wants some help about Casey. Talkie talk with the jury expert girl, whom I totally forgot what her name was. Lorna checks out juror #7 and #27, and tells Mickey. Lorna then bumps into Ryan Lee (Chau Long). We got some inkling that Lorna has had some issues.

Back to jury selection. Mickey makes a Wheeler motion, which was denied. (Seven of the jurors he cut already were women.) Anton threatens Cisco for being near the wifey. 

Maggie and Lankford question Tanya Cruz (Katrina Rosita), who is three months preggers. Maggie hands Tanya Mickey’s business card.

In response to the Wheeler motion, Golantz cuts Juror 27 (saving Mickey a challenge). But Elliott was accused of following Juror #10 (probably so Mickey would kick her). I’ll bet it was Golantz making stuff up. And they have a juror (plus two alternates). Btw, turns out that Cisco recorded the interaction with Anton. A little side interaction with McFierce and Haller, which I am starting to like because they have some good chemistry.

Griggs shows up at Mickey’s house. Things are heating up over Jerry’s case. They think the money that Jerry took out ($150k) was for a bribe.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1, Episode 6: Bent

As Mickey attempts to track down the source of a possible bribe, he meets with Lara’s former colleague, revisits an old case and does a favor for Maggie.

We begin with a television flashback of Mickey Haller, Sr. with mom and Mickey sitting and watching. Mickey Sr. took the Jones case for free because the dude didn’t do it. Present day, Mickey is eating lunch with Legal Siegal (Elliott Gould), one of his father’s associates. Legal says to ignore the bribe, even if it was a bribe to the judge. 

Hayley playing the creepy game. Hayley wants to know where Mickey draws the line. She gives him the cold shoulder. Maggie wants Mickey to represent Tanya. Mickey wants Maggie to bring Hayley to bring Mickey’s opening statement.

Back at the A-Team. Just as a side note, it really irks me that half the time, they say the gunpowder residue was on his hands and the other half the time, they say the gunpowder residue was on his clothes. Lara (Elliott’s wife) called a Sonia Patel, who was quoted in the paper.

Mickey wants Lorna and Cisco to look into the judge. Mickey was ten minutes late to a meeting with Judge Holden, and she “requests” that he donates to a charity of his choice. The entire meeting was a silly time waster.

Cisco finds out about the motorcycle club thing. Judge Stanton’s husband’s restaurant reopened. (In case the bribe money went to him.) 

Mickey meets Sonia Patel. Sonia says Trevor was controlling. Lara called Sonia two days before the murder to have lunch. It wasn’t helpful, but Mickey wants to know why Lara was calling Sonia. On the phone with Elliott, who doesn’t know why Lara wanted with Sonia.

He texts his daughter, who ghosts him. Mickey visits Jesus Menendez (Saul Huezo). Mickey begs for a second chance to find Glory Days. At the restaurant, Cisco and Lorna are “looking into” the restaurant. Back in the Lincoln, he admits that Jesus’s plea is what got him taking pills.

Meeting with Tanya, who used to work for Soto. Mickey will work out a deal for her. At the shindig for Janelle, Mickey wants relocation and financial support for a year. Very awkward convo between Lorna and Maggie. Mickey found out about Golantz, and Maggie scoffs at him letting an ADA get into his head right before the trial.

Robert (Bob) Cardone (Carlos Bernard) shows up to have a chat with Maggie (about Janelle). Cisco says the restaurant is legit. Maggie says two months is the best they can do for Tanya. Mickey says look at Lopez, whom the LAPD has been spotting for like seven or eight years.

Hayley saw the almost kissy kissy between Maggie and Mickey a few episodes back. But she drops something that Mickey needs to know … Hayley would want to get that shit over with as soon as possible, so why didn’t Elliott?

That’s because he bribed a juror (somehow). It’s juror #7. Mickey is out. He doesn’t do bribes. But Mickey can’t withdraw … because the continuance that Jerry wanted to write up is what got him killed. Turns out, Elliott had a roommate in college named Pavel Kosevich, whose father was Sergei Kosevich … some billionaire Russia bad dude. And the Russians need this acquisition to go through because otherwise everyone will die.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1, Episode 7: Lemming Number Seven

On the first day of Trevor’s trial, Mickey tries to prove the police had tunnel vision. Maggie’s new witness provides a lead. Lorna steps in with Hayley.

Cisco shows up, scaring Mickey. Cisco needs to figure out everything about Juror #7 and the Russian billionaire. Lemme (Lemming?) just tell you, I have a very bad feeling about this (for Cisco). He talks to Griggs, to try to throw him off the scent of lemons. Mickey sabotages his car to have an excuse to switch cars. 

Opening statements.  Carol Dubois (Heather Mazur), the insurance agent who had an affair with Jan, shows up. The director does another in-and-out explanation, cutting to explanation scenes with Izzy and then back to the present moment. I wasn’t too impressed with Golantz’s opening statements. I was impressed with Mickey’s.

Carol is a bitch to Lorna. Maggie and Lankford talkie talk, Janelle signed off for a year. Lorna can take care of Hayley.

Deputy Murry (Melvin Diggs), who testified that he showed no emotion at all. Elliott spontaneously insisted that he was innocent. Mickey: crosses on handcuffing the “subject” with his partner having his gun drawn going through the murder scene. Didn’t Deputy Murry believe that it would be odd that a handcuffed man, being led around the house with another officer with a drawn gun, would have to declare his innocence? Score one for Mickey!

Mickey and Golantz in the bathroom. Golantz is a sour lemon.

Soto and Tanya at the doctor’s. Maggie in the bathroom. Tanya tells about Soto’s involvement and the “flower shop” where people go to die. Maggie has already left the bathroom though.

Hayley and a girl named Misha get into a fight. Lorna breaks it up. 

Detective Kinder (Kadeem Hardison) testifies about some omissions in Elliott’s version of events. Mickey: At no point did Detective Kinder ever believe that Jan Rilz was the primary target. Mickey drops a mention of Anton. The two short questions brilliantly put it in the minds of the juror that the Detective dropped the ball.

Lorna and Hayley have a heart-to-heart. Hayley took a swing at the girl because the girl said something mean about Mickey representing a monster. Cisco stalking Juror #7. Goes through trash. Lorna calls and is going to go back to law school. 

Maggie and Lankford stake out the flower shop. Cisco shows up while Hayley and Mickey talk. Juror #7 is Glenn McSweeney (Mike McColl). Dude has a record. The billionaire has his hand in every honey pot. 

Two other detectives drop off the file of the person McFierce and Lankford were staking. Mickey at the Road Saints HQ. Teddy Vogel says you already owe me for Cisco, and you don’t want to owe me too much. The current car Izzy and Mickey are driving is clean (Cisco sweeps it daily). Mickey finally tells Izzy that the car was bugged.

Mickey asked for a directed verdict. Judge Stanton asks for both counsel in chambers. The judge was given an anonymous note about Juror #7. Mickey asks for an alternative juror (not a mistrial). Elliott accuses Mickey of “doing this” about the juror. 

Maggie and Mickey on the phone. Mickey shows up at the house to watch them, with the bikers watching the house too.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1, Episode 8: The Magic Bullet Redux

After a damaging day of testimony, Mickey searches for the one piece of evidence that will crack his case wide open. Maggie faces a deadline on Soto.

Mickey and Cherry, who found Glory Days. Cherry has a name of one of Glory Day’s regulars. On the phone with Cisco. 

Sonia Patel. Lara had confided in Sonia that her husband had taken over her life. Mickey road rails her on the stand. 

Janelle squashes Maggie’s investigation. Lankford suggests that he can get the bad dude’s cell phone.

Back to the trial. Eric Loomis (Alex Lewis) talks about the GSR (the gunpowder residue) on Elliott’s hands and clothes, which was too much to be a false positive.

Cisco at some place of business, he puts up his feet on an expensive piece of furniture. Cisco goes to see Glory Day’s john. Raj Chowdhury (Jeremiah Caleb) agrees call Glory Days back to town.

People v. Oswaldo Ruiz. Loomis filed a report in that case, but it was thrown out because he failed to consider that GSR could have been on the defendant due to his job as an engineer. But the witness needed all of his work checked. And the defense was not provided a copy of the report with the initials. A big F up. Mickey and Elliott have a fight.

Izzy missed the previous night because she had dinner with her. Cisco is suspicious about no retainer from the Road Saints. Lorna mentions Eli Wyms again. I have a suspicion that that’s how Elliott got so much gunpowder residue.

Mickey is eating and driving at the same time. He goes to the casino. Mickey Haller has something that is right in front of his face as he sees a car being towed. And (in case you didn’t figure it out), the car that Elliott was in was the same car that Eli Wym was in when he shot up all those cops. That would have been enough transference of GSR! Brilliant!

Now the defense case in chief. Julio Muniz (Rudy Martinez) testifies about the videoing. The videographer also shot the footage of Eli Wym. 

The police stop Mr. Aquino (Jeff Francisco), and because he is on parole, he can be searched at any time. (He’s the dude from the flower shop.) The police officer takes the phone out of the dude’s back pocket, and the other officer gives it to Lankford to copy. 

Defense’s forensic expert. Dennis Byrne (Christopher Amitrano), a surprise witness. Mr. Bryne maintains the cars for the police office. He shows a police vehicle with a big “112” on the top. The police car had to be fixed. 

Dr. Miriam Arslanian (Anna Khaja), the defense’s gunshot expert. She testified about transferred. 90 rounds of ammunition in the back of the transference would be astronomical. And that Elliott had the gunshot residue from being in the back of the police car when he was handcuffed. 

Detective Kinder again. Mr. Rilz filed a restraining order from Anton. 

Anton Shavar. He examines about his affair with his ex-wife. A video showing that Anton was indeed violent. But Anton rides down the elevator with Mickey Haller. Anton is pissed that his name was dragged throught he mud.

Maggie or Lankford. About the phone. Not enough on the phone to nail Aquino. 

Elliott opens a bottle of vino. Elliott still wants to testify. Mickey gets some call or text. He needs help from Terrell, who lets him into some kind of club or concert hall. Mickey goes to rescue Izzy, but Izzy didn’t get high.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1, Episode 9: The Uncanny Valley

Determined to clear his name, Trevor pushes to take the stand, but the risky strategy leaves Mickey with more questions than answers.

Izzy and Mickey talk. Izzy stumbled, but did not fall (getting all caught up in the drug scene again). Mickey tries to beat up Elliott (mock what the prosecutor will do). Lorna hates the closing statement.

Lankford in the box, talking to Aquino. Aquino is laughing though. But the dude made a delivery, and his alibi checks out. Maggie and Mickey argue about Tanya wearing a wire when talking to Soto. Maggie throws a kick to his balls about “trust” and “custody.”

Cisco is upset about Elliott taking the stand. He looks up stuff on the computer about the correctional. Golantz offers a deal. 9 years. Yeah, that’s a no. I’m wondering if we will be wishing that he took that 9. Mickey calls Trevor Elliott.

Elliott takes the stand. Mickey is quite hesitant about it. The examination was very emotional and touching. Golantz tries to interrupt to give him time to collect himself. Golantz gets on a roll but basically is yelling at the witness. But I thought he didn’t knock it out of the park.

Maggie tells Tanya she has a choice to wear a wire or to live with Soto for the rest of her life.

Lorna calls Cisco to ask where is he, but he’s looking into Pavel Kosevich (remember, he was Elliott’s college roommate). Lorna is nice to Carol, even though she is a huge bitch (and Lorna believes she is the killer). 

Closing arguments. I’m kinda tired of Golantz screaming all the time. Of course, Haller’s is better. He gave a nice math lesson that there was absolutely no evidence in the 7 minute timeline. They panned into Carol, so something is definitely up with it.

Cisco tells him about Ben Hoffman. Pavel hated Elliott’s guts. “Who the fuck has been following you?” 

Jury verdict: NOT GUILTY of the murder of Jan Rilz. NOT GUILTY of the murder of Lara Elliott. Lara’s parents and Carol are very upset. The verdict is little anti-climatic.

Back to Izzy. Then to Eli Wyms. Wyms can sue Jerry’s estate when he is out of the mental institution to help him get back on his feet (liability insurance). Mickey wants Cisco to find something else (Eli says something about Jerry doing the dirty work, and Mickey getting the glory).

A scene with Soto and Tanya. After he confesses, he rips off her shirt. He chokes her, and the police arrive to arrest him. But Soto says nothing will stick.

Mickey is pissed because Trevor lied to him. Lara did all the dirty work, and Elliott got all the glory. Lara created the 100 lines of code that changed everything. Except she was working for Chaos Games when she code them. She was going to go back to Chaos Games and takes it all back. And he used the drone to get rid of everything.

What Mickey wants is to know who killed Jerry and following Mickey. Elliott doesn’t know who killed Jerry … and Elliott doesn’t care who did. Cisco calls about Glory Days. A police man calls about Izzy unless Mickey can get there real quick. (This scene screams a setup!)

Someone punches him!!! Looks like Elliott? (Why in the world would he do something dumb like that?)

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1, Episode 10: The Brass Verdict

Mickey confronts Trevor as the pieces fall into place, and his chance to right a past wrong could have dire consequences for Maggie.

A physical fight. Haller whacks the dude really good. Griggs comes to save the day! But the dude falls over the edge. We learn that he dies. The guy was McSweeney, Juror #7. But why was he was trying to kill him after the trial? Someone else is still out there.

Maggie comes over and is pissed that he went after a killer. And … Maggie is quite happy to see that Mickey is still alive, but they are interrupted by a text message. She asks about Sunday dinner, which is code for … well, you know.

Glory Days (Fiona Rene) in a hotel. Her real name in the show is Gloria Dayton. Lorna has a nice chatty chat. Maggie calls to check in on Mickey. Maggie talks to Lankford, who wants Tanya to take the stand because the recording is all garbled up.

Cisco brings info about McSweeney. Glory Days shows up. She needs protection FROM the police, specifically Linda Perez. Perez is a vice cop who had it out for Glory Days. She was told to scram or Perez would make Glory’s Days into Sucky Days. But why would Perez be so interested?

Griggs. Mickey asks about Detective Kyle Winters (Darrell Dennis). Mickey tells Griggs about how Perez greased the wheels for Winters for a promotion.

Mickey confronts Elliott, who is cool as a cucumber. He gives a speech about the next game in the series. Carol shoots him at the speech, two (or three in the chest). Meanwhile, Cisco see the $0 billing from the Road Saints. Mickey gets a jury summons, and he has another lightbulb moment. He tells Griggs that maybe the feds were after Jerry because of juror tampering (paying off jurors).

Mickey and Maggie having dinner. Hayley clears the table so they could “talk.” Cisco gives him info about McSweeney and was told to give him to Griggs.

Glory Days on the stand to get Jesus outta prison. She does awesome on the stand. Linda Perez (Ramona DuBarry) on the stand. She testifies that she was camping at Big Bear the night that she was supposed to have gone to the hotel to scare off Glory. But Mickey has some footage to impeach witness. Hahaha he gets her on security camera at the hotel.

The judge swears at the lawyers about Detective Perez being a lying bitch. Immunity deal to turn on Winters. But about that … Griggs gives some bad news. He runs to Maggie’s to ask about an offer, please just take it.

Detective Perez answers truthfully. A Detective made her a deal to put Jesus Menendez away for murder. But it wasn’t Detective Winters. It was Detective Lankford. And Lankford lawyered up.

Ruh roh. Maggie and Mickey argue. They are through. And Soto will walk. And Hayley is upset.

Bob talks to Maggie. The Soto thing is dead. He won’t forgive Lankford. Maggie is being transferred to Van Nuys. She calls a person named Sarah.

Cisco goes to Ted at the Road Saints. Haller made a deal … for Cisco … so Cisco could walk away from the Road Saints. Cisco wants to pay his own debts, though. 

How Did The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 End?

Maggie in court. Dismissal without prejudice. But Soto is being charged by the feds in human trafficking. Go, Mags. Judge Holden. Last check-in with the judge. And then Mickey accuses Judge Holden of jury bribing and of killing Jerry. And he gets the judge on a wiretap ahahaha. Mickey took her down.

Izzy and Mickey go see Jesus Menendez get out of prison. Maggie cleans out her office. Cisco drives off somewhere. Lorna enrolls in law school. Mickey sitting on the beach in a wet suit. And we are right back where we started. The guy with the tattoo looks at Mickey on the surf board.

Why did Neve Campbell Leave Lincoln Lawyer?

She received another contract for Avalon on ABC. But that show was not picked up. She was in Season 2 for one episode. 

Why Did the Judge Pay the Juror in Lincoln Lawyer?

All about the money, money, money, money. And when Jerry found out about it, she had him killed to silence him and keep him from going to the feds.

Which book is Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Based On?

The name of the last show in the season says it all … Brass Verdict.

Interview With the Cast


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