The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 on Netflix Starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo [It's Amazing!]

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 on Netflix Starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo [It’s Amazing!]

4.5 out of 5 stars
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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 dramatically improved, both in acting and storyline. I rate this season 4.5 out of 5 stars. Imho, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo amped up, so much that his accent no longer bothers me. We are starting to see some of that iconic Mickey Haller charm that Matthew McConaughey pulled off so well. Added in with an incredible storyline from the master Michael Connelly, and you get one bad-ass legal thriller tv series.

I am currently on Episode 6 of the recap!

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 dramatically improved, both in acting and storyline. I rate this season 4.5 out of 5 stars. Imho, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo amped up, so much that his accent no longer bothers me. We are starting to see some of that iconic Mickey Haller charm that Matthew McConaughey pulled off so well. Added in with an incredible storyline from the master Michael Connelly, and you get one bad-ass legal thriller tv series.
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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 on Netflix Starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo


This season’s acting has gotten much better. We see some of the Mickey Haller charm now, especially since he is now is the spotlight.

The Lincoln Lawyer

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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Official Trailer (Part 1)

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Episode 1: The Rules of Professional Conduct

Mickey meets a new client, receives a frustrating request and makes an instant connection with a chef. Lorna has her hands full juggling work and school.

Two dudes are beating up Mickey. Pan in to a photo shoot. Mickey apparently is quite popular after his successful win for Elliott. Maggie calls, she is confirming their dinner for that night at 7:00. She rolls her eyes seeing Mickey on the cover of a magazine. Izzy is still driving him around. Hopefully he now pays her, since she probably earned thirty times her legal fees driving him around the last season.

Izzy tells him that she and Ray (Izzy’s ex) are dancing again. Ray has been sober for 6 months now. Lorna calls again, says she has to study the Rules of Professional Conduct for Legal Ethics. We find out that Izzy is, after all, getting paid.

Russell Lawson (David Clayton Rogers) in prison, who doesn’t remember what happened to him. He was charged for felony burglary for breaking into a house after being drunk. Mickey says stay away from the mac and cheese in county lmao.

Mickey and Griggs, who are now BFFs. It’s about Jesus Menendez, whose case will formally reopen the case. Griggs wants Jesus to come to talk before they formally bring charges.

Mickey and Maggie at dinner. Downtown poached one of her cases. Maggie is seeing someone named Jim, who is a forensic auditor for the justice department. They have a bit of an argument. And Mickey pisses off Maggie because the kitchen gave him a free meal.

Lorna and Cisco. “The Rule of Perpetuities,” which apparently no one can figure out. (Perpetuity means to go on forever. The Rule against it means it can’t go on forever. Boom. Now you all understand.) Cisco kinda lies to Lorna about the “files for Mickey.”

The chef, Lisa Trammell (Lana Parrilla), introduces herself to Mickey. Flirty flirt. She takes him to garden where she grows all her own herbs and stuff, but it seems like it grows mostly bamboo. Really flirty flirt. I mean really flirty flirt, if you catch my drift. He wakes up to some jackhammering. She’s not there, but she leaves a note that she’s in the kitchen.

She feeds him breakfast. They apparently had a “really nice” time last night. They find out about the jackhammering (a new real estate development). When he is leaving, he sees Lisa giving coffee and food to the protestors outside (for the real estate development). 

The A-Team talks about Jesus Menendez. Lawson lives and broke into a house that looked virtually identical. Lisa stops by. She has a legal problem. The protestors showed up because of her social media posts, and she was doing some protests. The real estate developer (Clint Carmichael as Mitchell Bondurant). 

Cisco picking up a brother from prison. Mickey meets Jesus. When he talks to Griggs, this was a replay of what happened in the movie (Jesus picked up a hooker, used a condom, wiped himself on a towel, and leaves). Jesus’s former roommate (Paul Lincoln Alayo as Luis Castillo) says Jesus had a folding knife. Jesus did have a knife.

Maggie talking about her woes to her friend (but I didn’t catch who it was). Dinner with Hayley. Hayley makes fun of him for being the hottest attorney in LA.

The next day. Mickey at the courthouse. He gets his client out on time served and a misdemeanor because the poor dude mixed up houses. That’s because burglary requires mens rea (intent to commit the crime), which he didn’t have because he thought he was breaking into his own house. Btw, you cannot be charged for breaking into your own house … you can do WTF you want to your own property (except put an addition on without a permit or burning it down, but that’s mostly for insurance fraud reasons).

He sees Maggie, who went to see Bob to get one of her cases back. Bob offered her second chair as a “courtesy.” She apologizes for the other night. They have an awkward moment.

Lorna goes to get a form to take a criminal practice clinic. She needs to get the signature from Dean Wheaton, who was probably the one who molested her last semester. Cisco lies to Lorna about running down a lead. The other dude is named Pete “Kaz” Kazinski (Douglas Bennett), who puts his motorcycle jacket back on when Ted hands it to him. Cisco and Ted have a meaningful look.

Izzy says that Lawson dropped 5k off as a retainer just in case. I guess the dude was so happy to be out of prison. But Russell is on the porch. Lawson flashes him the tattoo, and he confesses to killing Martha Renteria. Mickey was set up. My immediate thought was … what about conflict of interest? In that case, the lawyer has to recuse himself from representation unless he gets a signed waiver.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Episode 2: Obligations

Stuck in a sticky ethical dilemma, Mickey seeks advice from Legal Siegel and comes up with a strategy to help get a vulnerable client out of a scrape.

Mickey goes to see David “Legal” Siegel (Elliott Gould) about a hypothetical client situation. Siegal says Mickey can’t say anything. And brings up the conflict of interest. How does he get out of this pickle? Siegal says … well …

Lorna calls. Lawson is at the office, and Glory Days was busted for cocaine possession. Lawson wants Mickey to fight a traffic ticket. Mickey tells the A-Team not to do anything about Jesus Menendez.

Glory. LAPD has had it out for her ever since she testified. She thinks the john’s name was Hector Moya. Mickey says he can’t get involved with the Jesus Menendez thing. Back at the office, Lorna and Cisco have an awkward convo about their relationship and law school. Each are keeping things from each other.

Izzy wants to open up her own studio with Ray. Cisco calls to tell about Hector Moya, a major playa in the cartel. Mickey goes to Maggie to try to get Glory Days out, but also drops a hint about some real issues (Lawson). He goes to see Lisa. Her mom left her and had a new family. The restraining order she has means that she has to stay farther than 300 feet. She talks about Walter Kim, a building inspector, the so-called “witness” who saw Lisa harassing Bondurant.

Lorna at Dean Wheaton’s office. She tells him off. Maggie texts Mickey. They have a deal about Glory.

Mickey gives instructions to the A-Team. Griggs calls about Jesus, Mickey says he is not on the case any longer. Griggs talks to Glory. A sketch artist creates a picture of Lawson. Back to Mickey. He’s playing tennis and nods to Legal. Something is about to happen. 

Cisco writes three names down for Lorna for his wedding guest list. Mickey and Izzy are on the list. Cisco down at the Road Saints territory. Ted wants to know if Kaz is a rat. Cisco’s job is to follow around Kaz.

Mickey sees Griggs, says she cannot tell him why Mickey can’t represent Jesus. Glory days out of prison. Something bad is gonna happen now. Food delivery out on the door step. Lawson jumps her from behind, but Griggs is there to save the day. Legal tells him how to set up Lawson by using Glory as bait. And then asks Maggie to have SIS watch Glory for a few days. Glory is leaving to Hawaii.

Mickey visits Lawson in prison. He visits Jesus and gives him the good news that Jesus’s case is dismissed with prejudice.

But omg, Lisa has been arrested for the murder of Bondurant. (Didn’t see that one coming??? A little obvious.)

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Episode 3: Conflicts

Mickey has to think on his feet when he takes on a high-profile murder case against a razor-sharp prosecutor. Lorna can’t shake her doubts about Cisco.

Mickey talks to an asshole cop, who refuses to let him see Lisa. Detective Howard O’Brien (Darien Sills-Evans) plays some games, but he needs a good attorney for his brother-in-law, who is in trouble with the IRS. But Mickey trades for the interview. Lisa is very upset, and Mickey gives her some sage advice. The advice is good for everyone. And I’m going to tell you the exact same thing. Please memorize it.

Don’t. Talk. To. The. Police. EVER.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Lorna gets a text about a purchase in Sunland. She calls Cisco, who lies, and she catches him in the lie. Mickey and Maggie at the horsie farm. Maggie figured it all out (about Lawson), she got her case back, and Jim isn’t so hot rn. 

Mickey eats Chinese food and watches the video. The video is not good because she hates him. Andrea “Andy” Freemann (Yaya DaCosta) in the elevator. Andrea is a real fucking bitch. I mean, a real fucking bitch. Unnecessarily bitchy. In the court, they get a 2 million bail. Mickey wants to sell her life rights to afford bail (and his fee).

Lorna freaking out about the credit card charges and finds out that Cisco is hanging with the boys again. Lorna and Izzy make nice nice. 

And dinner. Mickey and Maggie at the same food truck. The A-Team. Bondurant was killed in the parking garage next to his office building. Cause of death was a blunt force trauma to the back of the head from a circular object. An eyewitness who saw Lisa walk away from Bondurant’s office. The receptionist named Margo Schafer.

Lisa walks in. Her friend Henry Dahl (Matt Angel) put up the bond for her. Henry runs a podcast. Mickey is suspicious of Henry and tells the dude to back off. He sees a kid trying to get on a horse, and he has a flash. He’s really tall. Like 6’3″. Mickey calls Lorna to write a lot of motions to dismiss to basically get everything thrown out.

Lorna pulling an all-nighter on these motions. Cisco gives her coffee. And then he confesses. Kaz gave Cisco the wrong information intentionally on a delivery. But Kaz got out early, so Teddy is suspicious. Mickey was giving Teddy free work to pay off his debt. But Cisco pays his own debts.

Andrea has all the motions. And another one that Mickey wrote. To withdraw Andrea from the case because she talked to Maggie about it, which is a conflict of interest. In exchange for withdrawing the motions, Andrea will give over all the discovery by Thursday at noon.

Izzy and Ray in the office. Ray talks to Mickey, and Mickey says you won’t get a third chance. Cisco at Dean Wheaton’s house to put a period at the end of the sentence.

Maggie shows up and is pissed about the Andrea thing. I’m starting to think she’s got the biggest stick up her ass about everything. 

Lisa shows up at Mickey’s house. Mickey tells her that they have to keep things professional. Mickey believes that she is innocent. Henry is watching Mickey’s house as Lisa leaves.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Episode 4: Discovery

As his team hunts for a needle in a haystack to clear Lisa’s name, Mickey comes up with a creative solution for a teenager accused of vandalism.

Andrea, being the super bitch, sends a cart full of case files to Mickey to overwhelm him. Tbh, it’s prosecutors and police officers like her that give the criminal justice system a bad name. 

Mickey needs to know: why? Why is Lisa the prime suspect. Lisa takes on some legal thinking about the Lisa case. Margo Schafer (Joanne Baron) is the witness. The tool kit is missing a hammer, which just so happens to be about the shape of the murder weapon.

Lisa and Mickey. They talk about Lisa’s ex. Lisa is quite emotional. She’s all over Mickey. I agree with Lorna, there is something off about her. But I don’t know if it’s just because she’s such a hot mess.

Terrell needs help with his daughter, and he’s freaking out. The daughter should be smacked. Judge Sandy is friendly, but then she smacked him for being late. The Judge keeps making comments about that show her bias and jealousy against Mickey.

Cisco taking pics on Kaz. Andrea is willing to take the deal. What is up with the deal? Andrea is hiding something, which is why she is giving a deal. 

Cisco accuses Walter Kim of corruption in the building inspector’s office. Fortunately for Walter Kim, he has some video or something. Mickey bring the plea to Lisa. It’s such a good deal. Kim took pictures of Lisa shoving Bondurant. Bu the A-Team found out that he was bleeding money.

Mickey and Hayley at home. Hayley gives him a great idea for the “art wall.” Terrell is gonna make the wall go viral. 

Kaz. Kaz is a snitch. And Cisco is major pissed because he vouched for his friend.

Mickey figures something out about stolen money in one of Bondurant’s properties. Bondurant was bullying someone for money. 

Mickey filed an application for copyright of the artwork called “Black Wall” and then Terrell had one of the Lakers pose in front of it. The store owner posted it up on her Insta page, which might be a huge amount of money in copyright infringement … and then her store publicity went huge because of the art wall. So the kid is earning 3%. The kid agreed to pay his fee for $2,500 even though Mickey said he didn’t need to be paid by Terrell.

Cisco. Ada Kazerian. … connected to the Armenian organized crime. Bondurant was extorting the mafia, so that mafia had him whacked. Mickey says no go. “Circumstances on the ground have changed,” Andrea says. (If she already pulled the offer, then why did she meet Mickey on the bridge?)

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Episode 5: Suspicious Minds

Cisco lays himself on the line for a friend. After pushing Andrea to show her cards in the courtroom, Mickey risks overplaying his hand.

Mickey has a fantasy about kissing Lisa. She pulls him out, and Mickey tells her that Andrea pulled the plea deal. Lisa freaks out when Mickey keeps talking about Jeff (her ex-husband) possibly showing up at court to sink her.

Cisco on the phone about Kaz missing his parole officer meeting. Mickey is going to try to get Andrea to show her cards at the preliminary hearing. Something about Detective O’Brien being out and not being able to testify. Mickey buys a suit at someone whom he helped, so it’s cost-only.

Mickey goes to Lisa because he hears an ad for Henry’s podcast. She tells him that she emailed Jeff (Jeff didn’t answer).

Izzy tells Mickey that Ray is having trouble coming up with the other half of the deposit. Izzy says maybe controlling the media in this case would be a good thing.

Cisco pretends to be an inspector and will shut down a building site unless he sees Alex Grant rn. At the preliminary hearing. Detective on the stand. Under the penal code, a police officer can only testify at the preliminary if it’s one level of hearsay, but not two … the detective didn’t see the witness who placed Lisa walking away from Bondurant’s office. That’s because he wants the receptionist (the witness) to testify directly as a witch hunt for information.

Henry shows up to start a fight. Lisa is pissed off at Mickey about “not letting her deal with it.” Jeff Trammell calls, who wants to be left out of this entire mess.

ATF shows up at the biker club. Oh, boy. They find some stuffed teddy bears. Cisco is with Ted, moving the guns. Ted wants Kaz, but Cisco says Kaz is in the wind. Cisco says it ends today. Ted says they are good, so it seems like this little story line is over. 

Lorna puts out a bunch of orange cones to hold up traffic for some reason. Back at the next day in preliminary hearing. At 9:05, Margo Schafer (Joanne Baron) saw Lisa walking very fast away from Bondurant’s office building. It turns out that Lorna’s pictures were taken at the exact same place, and Mickey totally confuses her. The judge says that Ms. Schafer’s witness was not enough to bind over to the big court. Did Andrea have another witness to share?

Freeman walks by all frosty. Lisa makes up with Mickey about Henry. But Lisa was outside at the building because she had a parking spot there. 

Cisco gives info about Alex, and that Mickey can bill the Road Saints again. Back at the court. They call Hannah Gates (Elizabeth Anweis), a crime lab person. A pair of gloves, which was not part of the discovery, had DNA from Bondurant. And a blood stain. The People have met the burden of proof.  Lisa is all pissed off because Mickey now doesn’t think she killed Bondurant with her temper temper. 

Cisco and Lorna show up at a trailer. Lorna says get lost, we never want to see you again. And she hands him a new identity. Kaz and Cisco have a meaningful look.

Izzy sends a text while Mickey is doing work. “Developer Murder getting Limited Series Treatment from Podcaster Henry Dahl” … which halfway doesn’t make any f’n sense. Lorna and Cisco talk about cupcakes (for the wedding).

Lorna and Mickey have a fight because they can’t find the contract. I’m not supposed to be on Lorna’s side here, but her bitchy has gotten a little too out of hand, and I’m hoping that Mickey tells her to F off for good. Knowing Mickey, he won’t. But, Mickey walks out to the car to look at the files and they are empty. And this is where someone beats the shit out of him in the parking garage.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Official Trailer (Part 2)

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Episode 6: Withdrawal

While Mickey recovers from a brutal encounter, Izzy wrestles with regrets. Lorna devises and artful way to serve a subpoena. Maggie makes a huge decision.


The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Episode 7: Cui Bono

As Lisa’s trial begins, a mysterious letter left on Mickey’s doorstep sends Cisco racing to verify a potentially game-changing piece of information.


The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Episode 8: Covenants and Stipulations

Mickey reevaluates his trial strategy after Andrea unveils a key piece of evidence and an unexpected final witness. Haley plans a birthday surprise.


The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Episode 9: The Fifth Witness

After an unexpected witness gives emotional testimony on the stand, Mickey and Lorna hatch a clever plan to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.


The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Episode 10: Bury Your Past

The defense rests, and a verdict is in–but Mickey still has more to learn about Lisa. Lorna and Cisco’s wedding plans hit another hiccup.


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